Rick Vosper

Parallel to a thirty-year sales & marketing career including Director of Marketing at Specialized and VP of Marketing & Product at Veltec Sports (Sidi, Easton, Look, Colnago),  Rick Vosper has been an advertising copywriter and creative director in the hi-tech, sporting/outdoors, and consumer products industries. His one-man company RVMS currently vends marketing consultation and turnkey Web 2.0 solutions, mostly to bike companies.

Rick inevitably describes himself as a “musical theoretician (really!), spicy food enthusiast, and recovering vegetarian.” A regular contributor to Bicycle Retailer on industry trends and insights (despite them once referring to him as “Cybertrash), he pens the notorious bike industry blog, Welcome to Bike 2.0, available at http://rvms.com/blog. Along with a usual garagefull of carbon exotica, Rick still rides his ’82 Specialized Sequoia. And likes it.