Paceline Podcast 186

Paceline Podcast 186

This week we begin with a bit of an update on Patrick’s treatment with Ketamine. His in-office sessions have come to a close and he relates the magnitude of recovery he has experienced.

Selene talks about her upcoming plans to head to Oklahoma for the Mid-South (formerly Land Run 100). She and Patrick talk tire choice, soil types, and tire pressure among other gravel ride concerns.

Basal Metabolic Rate. Sounds sexy, doesn’t it? Patrick made a trip down to the South Bay to visit Silicon Valley Sports Medicine where he got together with a former UMASS cycling teammate to do a basal metabolic test and find out just how many calories his diet should include each day. He was surprised by the results and talks about some initial changes to his diet.



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One-Way Ticket by Jonathan Vaughters

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    1. Author

      Sorry about that. Their servers are slow to catch up on replaced files. You can hear the new version here on our website, if that helps.

  1. Matthew

    I agree the file on sticher is messed up too. I cant get the player to play this morning. it might be because it is blocked. I guess I will hope for an update later.

    1. Author

      Again, my apologies. Until some of the services update their servers (and I really don’t have solid information on how/when they do this), I can offer listening here on the site or by going to Soundcloud. I’m really sorry about this everyone.

  2. TomInAlbany

    The podcast version here is working fine!

    Should the mid-south be labelled, the mud-south? Selene to report back!
    Patrick: Very happy to hear about your zeros!!!

    Enjoyed this podcast. Tire discussions (choice and pressure) are always fun. It’s like talking about sports teams from different eras, YMMV.

    I have an old-school crockpot that is used a lot. I may have to break down and get me an instant pot.

    The discussion on caloric rates was really intriguing. is there some way to approximate it without paying for a test?

  3. Steven Fielke

    Enjoyed listening to your podcast once again! Selene, I’m a keen ‘Zwiftet’ and I’m wondering where I might find the article you wrote about Zwift records.


    1. Mark

      You have to take the Zwift mileage numbers and speed with a grain of salt. You can easily hit speeds of 40 mph on descents and speeds as slow as 2 mph on climbs. One thing you can say that your ride time will pass much quicker mentally than riding a trainer and just staring at the wall.

  4. Mike

    I would like to give a +1 on Selena’s comments regarding the value of strength training and how much time is actually needed. Yesterday I did my normal upper body/lower body strength routine. A lot of body weight exercises with a few dumb bell exercises and a chin up exercise using a set of Rock Rings (I think they come from the rock climbing world). I did all of this in my basement and it probably took me 20-25 minutes including rest breaks between sets. I will often do some small chore as my rest break (start a load of wash, put some dishes in the dishwasher, fold some clothes, etc.). I do this about twice a week, mixing in something new every now and then just for a little variety. I feel it keeps my physically healthier and more balanced. That, I cannot tolerate having cyclist’s arms.; goes against my self-image!

  5. John h

    I’ve listened to you mentioning Russian River and Pliny and been wanting to try this. being in the UK it’s tough

    Currently in San Diego and the bar tender just uttered the immortal “we still have Pliny the younger on tap tonight” !

  6. Keith Kenworthy

    Regarding tire size & pressures, I have had good success with knobby-ish tires in the 40-45 mm range here in Northern California and the Sierra. I usually run 28 psi front and 30 psi rear and I weigh about 165-170 lbs. But I could probably go lower. Enve has a great tire pressure chart based on rider weight, internal rim width and tire width.

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