Paceline Podcast 180

Paceline Podcast 180

It’s the time of the year for planning the next season and Selene has been marking up her calendar with her schedule. She shares where she’s headed, along with a few whys.

With Christmas around the corner, Patrick takes a look at gift giving ideas and suggests an approach that might give your year a different sort of spin. He also makes a pretty exciting announcement.



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Selene’s story on the purchase of the Crusher in the Tushar

The Freshly Minted Socks

Dissent133 Layered Glove System

Image: Linda Guerette Photography

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    1. Rob

      Thanks for sharing this, Anne! I was looking for a while for something interesting and challenging somewhere in Benelux. Looking forward to try it next spring:)

  1. Randall Smith

    Classic: shorts that become “windows in the sunshine”. Haha – reminds me of how my coach told me it was time for new shorts – after the group training ride! 😂

  2. Quentin

    People have pointed out (maybe the two of you did, I can’t remember) the parallels between the gravel scene and the culture of mass participation events for runners, where the ethos is more about challenging yourself than trying to win. Those running events are huge and there are a lot of them. While gravel rides may never become as big as the big marathons, it’s instructive to look to those marathons as indicators of where this may be headed. There are lots of marathons with space for nearly anyone who wants to sign up, and then there are a few prestige events that require meeting a qualifying time for your age group (Boston, NYC, etc). I think I heard Leadville already has a system like this, and I could imagine the other Lifetime events adopting such a system as well. I think that makes more sense than awarding spots to the winner of a 4-minute mouse-clicking contest. I can’t fault Lifetime for making a savvy move to own these prestige events in the gravel space, because clearly there is untapped demand here. That should serve as a signal that we need more new events. There will be new events, and the really good ones will gain notoriety and become just as desirable as the stuff that’s hard to get into now. Where I live (West Texas), there’s probably enough dirt road within 2 hours of here to create 10 more Dirty Kanzas, so I know we haven’t discovered all of the great gravel rides.

    1. Selene Yeager

      Good points, all. Leadville has indeed has had qualifying events for years (but there’s still a lottery as well). I agree that mouse clicking contests feel kind of futile sometimes. But also that there’ll be many more great gravel events to come!

    2. Lyford

      I think we’re already seeing that. In my region there are timed mass-start events, which attract more of a racing crowd, and untimed or start-whenever events that are just as challenging but more laid-back.

      Personally, I’d like to see more events like Ian Boswell’s Peacham Fall Fondo. It’s refreshing to have a WorldTour pro say “Come enjoy my favorite roads”, emphasize that it is NOT a race, and spend his time riding and chatting with folks all along the route instead of hammering at the front.

      There’s a lot of nice terrain out there, and every event doesn’t have to be the roughest or toughest to be rewarding and fun.

  3. Neil Winkelmann

    Lottery, mouse-clicking, qualifying. Each has a place. The status as a qualifier can really help boost events that need to get a toe-hold. They can’t all achieve instant stardom like SBT GRVL.

    The “Leadboat” challenge is a tricky one. Two events that are both already hard to get into, makes this challenge realistically an option only for the very few.

    Me, I’m throwing in for #DK200 again, but have a back-up. Also going to Iceland! That’ll be a be good one. A buddy and I have two bike-packing trips planned, a 2-day then a 10-day. Nearly all gravel, all here in the PNW.

    As for see-through shorts. Well, that’s the one place in our club where commentary on others’ attire is not just permitted, but actually compulsory. No-one needs to see that.

  4. Montana

    I am looking into events for 2020, do you have any go-to website for looking at events of a particular type/area of the country. Or the best way to find events in my area?
    Thanks and love the show!

  5. Jonas

    Patrick and Selene,

    Just listened to the podcast and thought I’d recommend a book: The Pine Barrens, by John McPhee. It’s a great book about the region from one of our greatest non-fiction writers. Definitely worth checking out.

  6. Matthew

    @Patrick and @Selene is it possible for you guys to give away items you have reviewed (books, etc) to podcast listeners? just a thought! Or are there legal reasons you cant? I rode unPAved Plenty this year and it was the toughest but also the coolest ride I have done. It wasn’t a “race” but I was timed and rode hard but enjoyed the views and the breaks. It the climbing stretched me. In regards to getting into racing i haven’t felt the need to race.

    I rode across my state a few years back. I have bike toured the GAP. I hope to finish up the C&O this coming year. I think i am looking more for experiences vs races/ events to make me happy in my biking career.

    1. Author

      If we had a way to handle fulfillment and shipping that didn’t cost us both time and money, it would be something I’d love to do. With the way the fires have hurt riders here in Sonoma County, I’ve been pleased to pass on all sorts of stuff, from bib shorts to barely used tires. Doing that allows me the comfort of knowing I’ve helped someone who suffered a really terrible loss with a relatively small commitment from me.

  7. TomInAlbany

    Great show! Just getting caught up. One more to go!

    Selene, I’m impressed that you’ve planned 2020 already. I can’t see that clearly! 😉
    Is it part of your ‘job’ though to have that plan in place?

    Patrick: Agree 100% that hands are hard! My fingers will turn white in a cool office environment!

    Going to go down the sock rabbit-hole later. Look like some cool designs by both!

    Back in the mid-90s, I checked out some dirt trails in central NJ near Morristown. Got my first tick there! (Woohoo?) It was good fun!

  8. Greg

    Great episode as always. I wanted to encourage Patrick to make a serious effort to get out to NJ for one of the Kermesse events. First, I think he’d love HoH and the vibe of such a great event. Second, and more personally I’d like to meet him and thank you both for your discussions on depression. Patrick’s honesty and bravery in discussing his journey is what finally snapped my head around what was going on with me, and set me on the road to getting help, diagnosis and appropriate care. It was because of this podcast that I’m in a much happier place, enjoying my sports again. Thank you both!

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