The Paceline Podcast 178

The Paceline Podcast 178

The end of the season is a great time to reboot the system. No, we’re not talking your computer. Selene considers just what downtime should be at the end of the season and just what we are trying to accomplish when we take a rest at the end of the year.

Working on bikes is hard. Patrick says he didn’t think that in the past, but a lot has changed. He discusses just what it means to deal with bikes with electronic shifting, hydraulic brake systems and sealed bearings.



Does your bike need some love? Shimano original replacement parts are the best way to renew the original function of your Shimano-equipped bike. Available online and at your local retailer.


Show links:

Patrick’s post, “Bike Work”

Maurten Gel

Wiley X Sunglasses


Image: Topher Valenti 

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  1. Matthew

    Thank you for this podcast talking about a reboot. As a year round bike commuter I was just feeling it while riding. I rode hard last weekend a 65.5 mile gravel ride with no coasting and 43F degrees. I needed the week off but felt like a slacker. Thanks for reminder to reboot every once in a while.

  2. Keith Kenworthy

    Patrick, I use my iPad in the garage for youtube how to videos. Some great deals on iPads right now.

    Also, take a look at Science in Sport as an alternative Maurten. SIS Beta Fuel packs 80 grams of carbs per packet (one water bottle). SIS gels require no water after ingesting. And they have caffeinated options up to 150 grams to send Patrick to the moon.

    1. Selene Yeager

      I have SiS Beta Fuel and really like it. Though I do like Maurten a bit better from a mixing and flavor perspective. I cannot choke down their gels. I know they are isotonic and definitely work, but that slippery consistency just doesn’t work for me!

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