The Paceline Podcast 176

The Paceline Podcast 176

Note: If you got the episode with the unedited beginning, our apologies. Download it again and it has been corrected. Or you can laugh at the mistake. Your choice.

Patrick is back from Costa Rica, so the show is back on schedule now. This week, Selene takes on a reader question about aging. Her answer is as much about psychology as it is about strength training and choosing what cycling will be in the latter half of your life.

Of the many places cyclists go for bike tours, Costa Rica isn’t a typical destination. Patrick’s recent experience there included a tour of a rainforest, come canyoneering, zip lines and even whitewater rafting, in addition to the riding. Plus lots of wildlife, with everything from poison dart frogs and toucans and howler monkeys to hummingbirds and poisonous snakes.



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Selene’s book “Gravel.”

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Image of sloth: Michelle Nightengale

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  1. Ransom

    I’ve got a two-parter, one regarding the podcast file itself, and one about a possible topic:

    1: I’m an Android user, and none of the podcast apps I’ve used have been great, in particular all falling down when you delete and re-upload an episode. They either fail to purge the old one, or just fail to recognize there’s a new version to re-grab. (I’m on Pocketcast now, after trying Castbox, Soundcloud, and giving Stitchr half a try). I don’t really know how podcast distribution flows, but if you have any levers for increasing propagation, it might be well spent. Android users just don’t have The One True Service. Fortunately, I caught the latest episode before it got pulled, but Pocketcast thinks #175 is the latest episode, despite having played #176 for me.

    2: Saddles. So important, so personal. So impossible to give specific recommendations, but it seems like there must be some sort of pro-grade approach for after years of “try some and find what you like” doesn’t work. And then there’s the range of issues; I’ve found what works for me regarding basic comfort, but numbness is an issue, and it’s unnerving, if you’ll pardon the pun. I recall when mention of numbness in magazines many years ago consisted of “Meh, as long as you get feeling back off the bike, don’t worry too much. There was that one guy who did a bunch of marathon time trial training and had a few months’ issues, but he was okay in the end.” More recently, and more sanely, I suspect, the advice I’ve read says not to live with it, but short of giving up cycling, or switching to just BMX and trials, I’m not sure how to avoid it. I waited too long to get a professional fitting, but found no real gain. There’s a wonderful local shop (Gladys Bikes) which has a saddle library, where you can check out saddles for a week at a time for a deposit (applicable to purchase) and I think I made some improvement there (switching from WTB Valcons, which I’d stocked up on because they keep discontinuing saddles I like) to Specialized Toupes (155). This was also the second or third shop where we’d attempted use of an “assometer” (memory foam pad) to find sit bone width.
    Trying to avoid making this too-long post longer, what I’m really asking is about whether there is anybody out there with a methodology for determining the specific issues with saddle (and bike) fit? Seems like well-informed questions about where pressure is when sitting, when pedaling, etc should be able to pin down what’s causing blood flow issues. I’m so baffled that this important area is still so void of solid information, and not just a little bit annoyed. Even the mall denizens at Foot Locker know to ask about a few specific areas in fitting a shoe…

    1. Ransom

      And as I should’ve said at the top, keep up the good work! Complaining about the occasional difficulty in getting the pocast is a pretty oblique way of saying that I enjoy the show very much.

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