The Paceline Podcast 168

The Paceline Podcast 168

Selene takes on a reader question regarding fasted riding for women riders because her previous advice didn’t entirely jive with the advice of another expert on training for women, and there’s an interesting point of intersection between the two. Last weekend she was in Steamboat Springs for a new gravel event that drew big guns for a big purse. And some 1500 people registered for the three distances. So what is the deal with gravel? What makes these experiences so different from other cycling event?

Patrick has been considering all the ways that cycling has made his life bigger. All he wanted to do was ride his bike as much as possible and to learn as much about the sport and the machine as he could, but found himself getting interested in other subjects and pursuits along the way.



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  1. John Thomson

    Completely agree that “gravel” event organizers need to be forthcoming about certain aspects of the course. Most importantly- how much singletrack especially if it is one of these “monster cross” type events. I’ve had to email organizers 3-4 times before registering to find out how much singletrack there might be. Fully understand to expect surprises in any gravel event but hardcore or technical singletrack is a surprise that can ruin a riders day very quickly.

  2. TomInalbany

    Add NY to the list of states that Lyme disease imperils. Only my daughter has managed to not have it at this point.

    Also: Doxy: Stay out of the sun! I’ve never had a worse sunburn on top of my feet.

    Gravel: If my back would stop hurting, I’d be less afraid to try this sort of thing but, it seems whenever I lay out any power, my back protests. (More core!)

    1. Author

      Yeah, I hear you on the Doxy. I go outside and holy hell, it feels like I’m in Arizona.

      On the gravel score, if you’re doing it right, it’s not bad on the back. Big tires, like 40mm, and low pressure (30-36 psi, not higher).

  3. Jason D Braaten

    Just wanted to pop in. The last time I wrote in I was training for a Double and about two weeks later, I hit the ground at 30mph and fractured my hip, effectively ending my summer riding, now I am back on the road to recovery and commuting about 7 miles into work and the same back. Any tips and tricks for getting myself back to the old self without seriously screwing myself up? My Ortho was useless on this.

    1. Jason B

      Yeah, it was less than fun trying to crutch around the house while the best riding days of the summer whipped past me.

  4. David

    As somebody who loves riding singlespeed gravel–I know it’s stupid, but that’s why I like it–I have some trouble figuring out whether events are suitable for my setup or not. It’d be really great if you two could provide some rules of thumb to use when looking at an event page to figure out whether I should even consider registering or not. Thanks!

  5. Dave P

    I live in Wisconsin. My Lyme went undiagnosed for a month. On the day it was diagnosed and I got my pills, my entire body felt like I had arthritis! I couldn’t move without being in great pain.

  6. Matthew

    @ Selene Yeager what size and tread you riding for Unpaved or what does Dave use to ride it? is there “Singletrack” at unpaved?

    1. Selene Yeager

      I typically run Schwalbe G-One Allround 38s. Dave runs similar. There is not singletrack on unPAved. There’s one pretty rugged stretch on a 30 mile loop of the 120, but it’s doable on normal gravel tires. Most of the gravel is really sweet–often better than the pavement.

  7. Matthew

    @Selene Yeager so WTB Nano 650b x 2.1″ would be too much tire? (some knobs but a center ridge to ride on?)

    Would WTB Byways 650b x 47mm work ? Smooth in the middle but some knobs on the side or would some knobs in the middle with a bigger tire be worth it?

    1. Selene Yeager

      You don’t really need a lot of tread, or that much tire. The 30 mile section has rugged stretches, but people did it on cyclocross bikes with 33s. I’m not really that analytical about gear selection, honestly. But looking at the byway. I think you’d be perfectly happy on those. There’s a lot of smooth, sweet running dirt.

  8. Matthew

    Thanks @Selene Yeager for your answers and thank you for your honesty on the podcast regarding the unifying aspect of bicycles and bike people! !

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