The Paceline Podcast 164

The Paceline Podcast 164

This week Selene takes on coaching and the difference in interacting with an actual human coach vs. an AI one like with VeloPro, which Patrick just reviewed this week. It turns out, Selene does better with a real human.

Patrick finally caught up with Dirty Kanza’s Chief Gravel Officer, Jim Cummins to talk about his experience at the race and the way the event is evolving.



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Show links:

Muc-Off Hydrodynamic Lube

Selene’s piece on how sleep improves performance


Selene’s Coach

Dirty Kanza

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  1. Rick Tan

    Question for Selene in the next podcast. “Are you related to any other famous Yeagers? Like the jet-flying type?”

  2. James Rawstron

    Fortunately Mt. Wachusett is still a functioning ski area. They have a world class snow making operation that keeps the skiing very predictable during the winter. In the recent past the access road to the summit has been snowed over in May.

    I share your anxiety about climate change, however.

    1. Author

      That’s great to hear, though I don’t know that they needed much help with the snow the last couple of winters, huh?

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