Paceline Podcast 165

Paceline Podcast 165

Selene is about to ride clear across Pennsylvania in the PPRAC: The Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer. This is the 18th edition of the ride and Selene, along with her husband Dave, have done the last nine editions of the semiannual event. This year’s ride is nearing it’s goal to raise $300,000, all of which go to the charities that benefit from the event; they don’t pull out a single dollar administratively. Making the event all the more impressive is the fact that the $300k in question is raised by just 75 people.

Patrick is accustomed to being referred to as a cycling expert, but every now and then someone will go a little bit overboard, and after having exactly that happen twice in the last two weeks, he figured he should be taken down a notch. This week he takes us through all the ways that he used to be clueless, even after he thought he knew enough about cycling to write about it credibly.



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Selene’s fundraising page for the PPRAC

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  1. TomInAlbany

    Great show as always, folks!

    Selene: I hope everything works out great for your ride and you can regale us with excellent tales from the road!
    Patrick: Belated happy birthday to Mini-Shred!

    I suck at doing good maintenance and buying the right gear. I’m just NOT a shopper. And I keep myself busy enough that I don’t even think of that kind of stuff and, when I do, it’s because I’ve ridden some part to failure.

    Regarding sleep: I suck at getting good sleep. I don’t prioritize it enough. I need to get better and I need to help my family get better. Patrick: Was there any data on the developing brain and sleep requirements? My 13-year old son has begun fighting us on sleep schedule. I know some of it is independence and some of it is an actual reduced ‘requirement’ from the 10-12 hour nights we used to get out of him. I’d love some science to show him. He’ll actually respond to that.

    Two weeks off sounds great as I’m going on vacation next week and we’re hanging at the beach! Outside of a work call, I’m planning to go with ZERO electronic stimuli – except watching the Red Sox and Game of Thrones.


    1. Author

      As I haven’t read “Why We Sleep” yet, I can’t really say, but I expect there would be useful information in there. From other reading I’ve done, it sounds like 9-10 hours at that age is good; the big thing I’ve read that concerns me is that too little sleep in a child (such as if they are a serious night owl) has been shown to predispose an adolescent to depression.

  2. David Thomas Savage

    Good luck with the charity ride!

    Our local big charity event is a 24 hour relay on a test track from the local subaru plant. Doing fast laps at 2AM when it’s cool and the wind is calm here in Indiana is a really incredible experience.

    My team owns the event record, with 554 miles in 24 hours (thanks in large part to riders much stronger than myself)

  3. Neil Winkelmann

    Agree on the Aussie tour commentary. Those guys are very good. I’m watching on the paid SportsnetNow app. I’ll cancel after the tour, though, because the rest of what they broadcast for the rest of the year is just about 100% North American sports-ball, which holds no interest for me.

  4. Quentin

    I agree we should probably be willing to pay for streaming to watch cycling on TV. Here’s my problem: before this year’s Tour, which is the best in a long time, the main races I’d be willing to pay for are the spring classics, but I’m only willing to pay for one service. Unfortunately, it is not possible in the U.S. to get both Flanders and Roubaix live on any one service. I’m not going to subscribe to any service until this situation is fixed. It seems a classic example of the way ASO frequently acts as if it’s the only race promoter out there and refuses to act collaboratively with other promoters. Fix it, ASO!

  5. Neil Winkelmann

    Excellent podcast.

    Question for Selene regarding pacing for racing/riding long events with a power meter. I only just started using a PM, and was a bit surprised at how much power dropped off over the course of a long ride this week. The ride was a series of long steady climbs that let me see pretty clearly what power I could sustain for 20 min to 60 min intervals at various points of the ride. Without a power meter, my “gut-feel” would have been that I’d dropped 10-15% of my sustainable pace by the end of the ride, but the PM showed me pretty clearly that it was closer to a 25%-30% drop compared to my pace earlier in the ride. It was a tough 220km, 9-hour ride, with 4,500m of climbing, so fatigue at the end was inevitable. But is a 25% drop in sustainable pace an indication that I went too hard early, or is that about what you’d expect for a ride of that difficulty?

    (I should just buy one of your books where I’m sure you’ve discussed this already, perhaps!)

  6. TomInAlbany

    Future topic: I went on a beach vacation with my family. I swam and body-surfed a bit. I went for walks. I had a drink every day, sometimes two! (OMG!!) I ate a lot. Fried shellfish and whatnot. Ice cream or pie for dessert every night. Oh. And the smoked ribs and chicken… So, I indulged. And I didn’t ride for nine days straight – not once!

    Is it reasonable to just jump back into my routine and expect a minimal loss of fitness? When rest blocks are spoken about, are they total rest like I did or is it more just short/light/easy rides?

    Is this why I need a coach of some sort? LOL


  7. Toddster

    Thank you for mentioning Bernie at the start of your show. I travel a great deal for work and listen to you on all my flights. Imagine my surprise on a late flight with the entire plane asleep when you open the show with the news about Bernie. I’m an old friend of his from Upstate and almost fell out of my seat. Brought tears to my eyes hearing you and Selene describe him and the accident. It is tragic what happened. We are all reeling from the news and are here to help. If you hear of a funding campaign please post the links. Thanks so much.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your kind words for Bernie. It’s so good to know the way the community is rallying for him.

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