The Pull: Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster Cycles, Part II

The Pull: Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster Cycles, Part II

First up, thanks for enduring this several-week break due to my travels. I would have loved to get an episode squeezed in there somehow, but today’s show required a fair bit of tending to create; it wasn’t the simple conversation that so many of these interviews are.

So this week’s show is part two of my long-awaited follow up to my interview with Paul Sadoff. As happens from time to time, I’ll get on the phone with a builder and we will begin a conversation even before the actual interview begins. The upshot is that I frequently notice that we are discussing something that would make for a terrific element of the interview and I deem it too interesting to leave on the cutting room floor.

We begin with him talking about his customers and his regard for them. But more significantly, we move to a conversation about choosing the right builder for the frame you want. Paul’s humility and understanding gives him a perspective that’s refreshing in its honesty.

I should mention that Paul mentions Bruce Gordon in the interview; this was recorded prior to Bruce’s passing last week.



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