Paceline Podcast 137

Paceline Podcast 137

Selene and Patrick open the show with an appreciation of broadcaster Paul Sherwen who passed away earlier this week. Sherwen was more than just a broadcaster; he was a pro rider in the 1980s as well as a media liaison for teams and PR specialist for races.

Selene talked to former pro mountain biker and full-time badass Mark Weir following the discovery that his heart had a 99 percent blockage in one of his arteries; Weir’s experience contains a few lessons for cyclists.

Patrick takes on the post-event debrief as a way to process an experience and learn from it. He was inspired by unPAved winner Matt “Turbeau” Curbeau’s notes written on the course profile.



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Paul Sherwen image courtesy John Pierce, Photosport International


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Matt Curbeau’s unPAved race report

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  1. Richard Durishin

    I think it is important to add to what Selene said about chest pain and having it checked out: The pain won’t always be in your chest. Some people will feel pain in the back between their shoulder blades. Some will have radiating pain down their left arm and some will only have sudden pain in the jaw. So it won’t always present as what most of us consider “chest pain.” In any event, if the pain dissipates when you stop exerting yourself, you have a cardiac problem that should be checked out.

    1. Selene

      Excellent points. Women sometimes have very little in the way of pain, but will have other vague symptoms like fatigue and nausea.

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