The Pull: Mike Ferrentino

The Pull: Mike Ferrentino

On this week’s show, my guest is Mike Ferrentino. In the early 1990s Ferrentino rose to national prominence with the launch of Bike Magazine and his column the Grimy Handshake. Since then, Ferrentino has gone on to help found the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship and directed marketing for Santa Cruz Bicycles. These days he’s in PR with Uncommon Communications, but he’s still dedicated to advocacy issues.

I recorded this interview with him in 2017 when I was producing the Redwood Empire Pedalcast. The podcast was heavily concerned with advocacy and I wanted to talk to Ferrentino about his views. Though the Pedalcast is gone, this interview was just too good to keep on the shelf, so to speak, and with all the recent concern expressed about trail access, I thought it was high time this thing saw the light of day.

Be forewarned: there’s some spicy language in this episode.



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