Paceline Podcast 121

Paceline Podcast 121

This week we take a look at the women and racing. There are some high points worth celebrating—Trek has created a new women’s pro team—and a whole lot of low lights, like podium girls. Selene and Patrick take a look at some of the criticisms of women’s racing as well as some of the realities and, honestly, advantages.

And yes, Patrick did fulfill his promise to watch a stage of the Tour de France and they discuss what he enjoyed about the racing and what still concerns him. After all we’ve been through, how can you not have concerns about what is going on at the top end of the sport?



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Red Kite Ronde et Vous

Floyd’s of Leadville

The Tour de France

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  1. John h

    Womens racing. La course was the best finish this year and just watch the interviews afterwards. The emotion of the riders vs the mens bland soundbites. A grumpy brit choked up listening.

    I like the mens race, the women deserve equal – one day, FFS!

    Great listen folks, keep it up

  2. Tominalbany

    Women’s racing…

    Up and comer, Emma White, is the daughter of my daughter’s 4th grade teacher. She’s crazy fast and only 20!

    1. Tominalbany

      Will it be overly creepy if, when I finally meet her, I’m a 53 year old fan-boy?

      I have myself amongst she and her siblings on a lightly-ridden, strava segment locally. Kinda funny to know I’m not nearly as fast as them and see my name among them. Must’ve been a tailwind or, more likely, their workouts were done and they were ‘soft-pedaling’ home.

      Still, an over-the-hill guy can dream of being fast, eh?

  3. Selene

    That’s great. And 1. 53 is not over the hill. 2. You can still BE fast! 3. Never too old to be a fan-boy (or girl…) : )

  4. Stuart Dix

    I’m a week late on the podcast. I’ve got a suggestion – Can you interview Bridie O’Donnell ( about what changes she thinks are needed to get parity with male sports? Former pro cyclist, UCI hour record holder, medical doctor and now Head of the Office for Women in Sport & Recreation for the State of Victoria (in Australia) – she is just your everyday over achiever. Her recent book is a cracking read: Life and Death –

    Anyhow saw on her twitter feed she’s heading to Harvard so I was thinking it might be an interesting opportunity if you could talk to her about what practical things we can change to increase opportunities for women and girls in sport.


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