The Pull: Allen Lim

The Pull: Allen Lim

Allen Lim has spent his career guiding athletes to their best possible performance. From the UC Davis Cycling Team to grand tour riders, Lim’s career as an exercise physiologist was focused on helping solve problems athletes had. Nearly accidentally, Lim began making his own drink mix to help athletes, and out of that effort Skratch Labs was born.

Six years later Skratch Labs produces—in addition to its drink mixes—bars, drops and chocolate chip cookie mix. Additionally, Lim, with partner Biju Thomas, has written three cookbooks. We talk about the how practical application of his Ph.D. in exercise physiology translates to craft.


The Pull is brought to you by the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, the world’s premier annual gathering of bicycle framebuilders and framebuilding enthusiasts. The 2019 show will take place March 15-17th at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, California.


To learn more, visit Skratch Labs.


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  1. Tominalbany

    Outstanding podcast. Skratch Labs products are some of my favorites. It’s great to hear Allen’s story. The quote that I wrote down…

    “No matter where you are in life, you can always start from scratch.” So true…

    I’m really enjoying this series, Padraig.

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