Paceline Tandem 03: Jake Pantone

Paceline Tandem 03: Jake Pantone

Jake Pantone, Director of Marketing and Product at ENVE Composites

Jake Pantone is a cycling success story. He started at ENVE lacing wheels and taking customer support phone calls—often at the same time. So the fact that he’s now the marketing and product director is no small thing.

In this episode of the Paceline Tandem, Jake and Fatty talk about how ENVE chooses—and rejects—new products to design and build. They go into ENVE’s concept-to-production process. They discuss  how the wheel industry is changing, and even consider what the next miracle material might come after carbon.

It’s a wide-ranging conversation with a good guy who’s worked his way up in a great company … by really knowing his stuff.



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