Paceline Podcast #85

Paceline Podcast #85

We’ve got our results from last week’s Very Important Question: would you still ride if you forgot your helmet at home and drove to the ride start.

Patrick checks in from Las Vegas and the Interbike trade show. It sounds like he’s happy he won’t be going back there anymore.

He recorded interviews with Chris Holmes, marketing director of Marin, and fellow North American Handmade Bicycle Show judge Nick Legan, who has a new book out on gravel riding.

Hottie waxes poetic on the nature of quality products.

Olympian Sarah Hammer is retiring from cycling. She’s one of the U.S.’ winningest women track racers. You can check her out in Personal Gold.

Hartford, Conn., is offering cyclists free roadside assistance. It’s a very interesting and forward-thinking program.

Next week’s VIQ: What is the appropriate role of earbuds in cycling?



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