Paceline Podcast #82

Paceline Podcast #82

Fatty had a meeting with a doctor that gave him an unusual frame of mind for this show. The colonoscopy made him hungry and maybe a little freer with his opinions. Some of those opinions regard his feelings about his performance at a new event called The Punisher. Apparently the final climb of the event was so tough that a majority of the fondo riders didn’t even finish. According to Fatty, he finished predictably, in that he predicted the place in which he finished.

While in Leadville, Fatty interviewed Floyd Landis and Dave Zabriskie about their business, Floyd’s of Leadville. They discuss some new products in their line that address pain and anxiety without giving you the desire to eat a pizza and go to a laser light show. Patrick chimes in with ways in which that compound, CBD, has helped him address pain while keeping his head clear to work.

Cannondale Drapac has announced a crowdfunding effort to keep the team afloat. Hottie and Patrick debate just how sustainable such a business model is, and how sharing television revenue is really the solution to funding teams.



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Show links:

The updated Open U.P.

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Kokopelli 100

Cannondale-Drapac’s Indiegogo Drive


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  1. Ed Foster

    For what it is worth, guys, I chose to contribute to #saveargyle as a direct result of the way Jonathan Vaughters has treated you and through you us, your listeners. I have become a fan, of his, and of yours.

  2. Fausto

    Floyd, why would anyone give him any attention and cover his business? Like Lance, Levi, George, Tyler, the media needs to ignore these dopers. Good ridence to them all and their post racing careers. Find someone or something interesting to write about that is a positive in the sport. Here is a questions no one ever asks these ass holes, “why did you just not dope and ride at the level that your natural talent and hard work gets you to? If you had to dope to race the Euro PROs, then don’t, stay home and race clean against the Americans in a racing scene that is cleaner. Prestigious? No. Get filthy rich? No. Sell your soul to the devil to race with the cheats? No. Find something else to do with your life or get an education and be able to sleep at night knowing that you were not a fraud.”

    1. Author

      Well, the business is legitimately interesting. If the business weren’t interesting, we wouldn’t cover it.

      Also, it’s interesting to note that your avatar name is shared with a rider who doped plenty. I often wonder why we don’t view all doped riders through the same lens. There’s a real conversation there, one for which I have no easy answers.

  3. ronalgis

    I don’t know if this answers any of our feelings regarding doping, but I think the movie ICARUS, available on Netflix will certainly raise your temperature on doping in cycling and sports.

  4. RB

    the interview with Flloyd and Dave was great. As the gang on the podcast said, it was very cool to hear them talk about an everyday race…not going off the front and riding by themselves. Instead, riding with the rest of us. and yes, the CBD product is very interesting. I am thankfully pain free, but a few friends are seriously looking at it. Plus, cool swag!

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