The Paceline Podcast #72

The Paceline Podcast #72

Everyone is back in their usual chairs this week, thank heaven. Fatty is just back from the Vision Relay, an event he’s been waiting for all season, and frankly, we at the Paceline have been waiting for him to do. He and his team kicked butt, but not enough butts. Say that three times fast.

Patrick interviews Jim Cummins and LeLan Dains to see if they’ve caught up on their sleep and to talk about Dirty Kanza and the event’s best tradition.

Of late, the Southern California masters’ race scene has been in turmoil with the recently announced positive of former pro doper Kayle Leogrande and James Doyle’s takedown of former Olympic hopeful John Walsh. No wonder some folks get turned off to bike racing.



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Show links:

Shimano ST-R785 Levers

James Doyle takes out John Walsh at the SoCal Crit Championship

Oregon contemplates a sales tax on new bike sales

Former UCI director Hein Verbruggen dies at 75

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  1. Matthew H

    Why the explicit warnings? Are your standards slipping? I hope we are not going to to hear more cursing in the paceline podcast. That is one thing I appreciate about.

    1. Matthew H.

      thank you for the response. I appreciate you guys and enjoy the ride while listening to the podcast. Thanks for the high standards and truth in advertising. Congrats on the DK100 finish and that Allied bike sounds awesome

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