Paceline Podcast #61

Paceline Podcast #61

What’s the best part of being on a team? Fatty has a favorite feature, and it’s not going fast or the camaraderie. Though they haven’t yet named their team, their quartet knocked out a stunningly quick century last weekend with the blessing of Coach Max Fat, aka Jonathan Vaughters.

A trip to Japan looms for Patrick and he shares the why and the what. He’ll miss the next two episodes, but will join in with some interviews he’s recorded.

All the rain in Northern California has resulted in crazy foliage growth, and as it turns out, poison oak counts as foliage. Patrick has encountered monster specimen in his mountain bike rides and has some concerns about what that means for this season’s riding.

Bradley Wiggins is running his mouth again. Thank heaven. He says marginal gains are a joke. What does that mean for the reason for Team Sky’s success?

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  1. TomInAlbany

    Hmmmm. Work or listen? Work or listen? Dangit. Gotta feed the family!

    I can’t listen and work. I find I’m listening and not working. Maybe later…

  2. TomInAlbany

    Enjoyed this one a lot!

    So psyched to hear that Fatty is going to write something!

    Does anyone out there know if Giordana tends to size well for taller or shorter people? I’m 5’6″ and find that many jerseys are really cut too long for me and worry about the Acqua + Vento. I need a rain solution though…

  3. Matt

    So I made the mistake of trail running in Monterey about a month ago. I got poison oak all over my legs. It was my first exposure and spread over my forearms and up to my hips. I then developed cellulitis on my right thigh and was on antibiotics for 10 days. The sores seeped and stuck to my bib shorts when riding. I had a whole bunch of people asking where I got the road rash.

  4. Owen

    Interesting. You know it’s a very first exposure and spread over my forearms and up to my hips. Though I don’t know how to publish a podcast. Sometimes I saw it in different websites, especially in the music based website. But haven’t idea about how to do that.

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