Who Won in the WBR Grand Slam?

Who Won in the WBR Grand Slam?

This post is going to come as a shock to some people. A really amazingly good shock for a few, and a less-good shock to others.

Because I’m about to list who won in the WBR Grand Slam. And for a lot of the people in the list, it might be the first time they’ve heard that they won…even though we’ve had this list since January 3.

Why’s that?

Well, we draw winners in a pretty unique way. Which is to say, we draw all the winners in the order they get to select the prizes, and then notify the first person…who usually takes some time to select a prize.

Then we notify the second person, giving them the list of remaining prizes to select from. Then the third, and so forth. And when some of the prizes are agonizingly wonderful, people…well, they need some time to choose. Which means it takes a while to work our way down through the list.

But we’ve been getting enough email and comments from people excited enough to know who won, that we’re going to break with tradition and give the list here, in the order the winners get to select their prizes (we’ve also drawn alternates, just in case, but aren’t listing them here).

Jeffrey Hugo (has selected the Trek Madone)
Neil Baker
Eric Schoonveld
Carlos Perea
Geoffrey Mayne
Keith Peters
Stewart Goodwin
Amy Thompson
Yann Bertaud
Davis Family

If you are on this list, maybe start stack-ranking what you’d choose, so when it comes time to select your prize, you’ll have a good idea of what you want.

Everyone, thank you so much for donating. Together we have raised, as of this moment, $1,016,504. That is a lot of bikes, and a lot of good done in the world.

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  1. leroy

    Congratulations to all!

    I thought my dog would be disappointed, but he was pretty chipper.

    He says we already have bikes.

    Don’t know where he’s getting that “we” stuff.

  2. David Houston

    Congrats to everyone. I don’t know if I’m ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ that anonymous guy didn’t win. He sure contributed a lot.

  3. Keith

    Many thanks to you and World Bicycle Relief, Fatty! Oh yeah, thanks to the companies that donated all those sweet prizes as well. I cannot recall ever having won anything else in all my 65 years, and I’m very pleased that the Opus Classico was still available when I picked sixth. It will be the perfect commuter when I move to Portland this spring.

    Those many, many hours spent listening to the Paceline Podcast really paid off.

    1. Jeff R Dieffenbach

      I don’t know WHERE he is, but I DO know that there’s less of him … he’s sub 160!

      Be sure to check out the Paceline Podcast, it’s like getting a weekly dose of fatcyclist.com all in one sitting … without having to do that annoying reading thing.

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