Thanksgiving IX

Thanksgiving IX

At root, each time I write one of these Thanksgiving posts, there’s an underlying theme of cycling. That melody returns with the same incessant drive of my kids calling their mother—mommy, mommy, mommy, mommeeeee!—but for much different reasons. Sure, this is a blog about cycling for cyclists, so we’re meant to talk about that bi-wheeled conveyance, but when I think about the things in my life for which I’m grateful, I realize that cycling is the oil running through this particular engine. Without cycling, I wouldn’t be as tolerant of other people and other views (though I could always gain a bit more). I wouldn’t be as patient a person (and I could be more patient). I wouldn’t have the wife I do or the friendships I do. I wouldn’t as happy or as fulfilled. I’d probably be pretty lonely and highly medicated, were I not a cyclist.

So I’ve got plenty of people in cycling to thank. Sure there are obvious people like Rob Vandermark, Chris Bishop and Mark DiNucci, whose work I get to ride each week, and organizations like Giro and Bell who have kept me cogitating; Specialized gets a nod for continuing to be creative and thinking about what a fun day on a bike ought to be. There are smaller organizations like Panache and Eliel who are chasing fresh expressions of cycling clothing, and Primal which has brought an unusual creativity to casual clothing suited to arriving by bike. Of course, I should make a nod to my two most devoted advertisers, Assos and Primal, without whom I’d be writing internal communications for an organization that has no real use for creatives like me.

But there’s something big afoot here at RKP and it wouldn’t have happened were it not for BKW’s Radio Freddy. It was he who introduced me to the yes!, the willingness to walk into any situation and find a reason to do something new, forge a new alliance, to strike a deal. For reasons I’ve never been able to adequately diagnose, that urge doesn’t grow in my garden—or at least, it didn’t until he showed me where the watering can was.

Thanks to Radio Freddy, I was able to see Robot for the friend he turned out to be. He’s been important to this site in a way words will never measure. His contributions go further, deeper than the posts you’ve read.

It’s also because of Radio Freddy that I agreed to produce a podcast with Fat Cyclist and RKP contributor Michael Hotten. At first, I didn’t say no, but I didn’t know how to say yes; there were so many details—too many for a person easily overwhelmed. But I did find a way to say yes, partly because of our other partner in the Paceline, Michael Hotten. Hottie made it easier to say yes because he doesn’t just play a radio pro on TV, he is one in real life.

Fatty and Hottie managed to get me to say yes to something that terrified me, and if our current audience is any measure, we’re pretty good at this podcasting thing.

But now, I get to announce that Fatty is joining RKP. It flips me out to even write that. And yes, rightly did you read that. Fatty and I have been talking about joining forces for a couple of years now. And now, as the cool kids say, it’s a thing. Beginning today, all of Fatty’s posts will appear here at RKP. You’ll also find his complete back catalog of posts—more than 10 years’ worth of them—here as well. His site will continue to live on, but this will be the place to go to find his new work.

I’ve always maintained that I wanted RKP to be a home to great writing about cycling. In my estimation Fatty is the funniest writer ever to ride a bike; only the Bike Snob comes close. I’m beyond honored that Fatty thinks enough of RKP to want to publish here. I expect he’ll keep us all laughing for may years to come.

So, I’m grateful for friends, I’m grateful for yes and I’m grateful to those who have shown the power of persistence. And nothing has taught me more about friendship, yes and persistence than the bike.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Aar

    WAHOO!!! This is excellent news. Thanks for the Thanksgiving gift.

    Not to be a harpy but please add a one time donation option to the subscription link and let us fill in the amount (above the floor you need to set to cover acceptance costs, of course)

    1. Author

      Working on that; you’re not the only reader to have asked. And we listened. You should see some movement on that front in the next 48 hours.

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    1. Author

      Thanks to both you and Jeff (and anyone else happening by for the first time) for giving us a try. We hope to keep you entertained.

  4. Jeff Dieffenbach

    For the record, I’d been periodically reading (and always liking) RKP since before Fatty joined the Paceline. After that joining, I’d been stopping by regularly. Now, it’ll always be open in a browser tab.

    The Padraig-Michael-Fatty combo is fantastic. Three people who love bikes, all coming at their loving from different but always thoughtful and insightful perspectives.

    As soon as I learned that there was a subscription option, I signed up. Fellow Fatties, I encourage you to do the same.

    Fat Kite Prayer rules!

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