A Post-Thanksgiving Thanks Giving

A Post-Thanksgiving Thanks Giving

Just over a month ago I announced our new voluntary subscription plan. No paywalls, no guilt, just great content, still free. Chip in if you feel what we deliver is of value. And you know what? A number of you have. If those of you who have signed on stay with us, the recurring revenue will roughly equivalent to an advertiser.

Thank you.

There’s been an experimental quality to everything we’ve done here at RKP. From the nature of the content we provide to how we moderate the comments section, we’ve moved at 45 degrees to everyone I’ve ever worked for. At times it’s liberating and at other times I’m afraid I might soil my chamois.

It’s times like this that I feel a gratitude that runs as deep as my Irish heritage. You kids rock.

And while I’ve got you here, I’m excited to announce that our store is back online at last. We had some issues with order processing last year and I took it offline until I could resolve them. Thanks to some updated software, we’re ready to go. You’ll find our T-shirts, prints of Bill Cass’ art as well as kit. And for those of you who wanted an annual membership rather than the recurring charge of a subscription, you’ll see that as well. Just go here.

Seriously, on behalf of everyone involved with RKP, thank you for your support.

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