The Paceline Podcast #28

The Paceline Podcast #28

We don’t often hear of trouble in the ranks of women’s professional cycling, but the recent case of the current road world champ has resulted frustration and some meltdowns on twitter.

The most charismatic man in pro cycling is headed to a team that could have a more conservative culture for the rider who likes to wheelie across the finish line. Peter Sagan signs a new contract with a German team.

The Tour of Utah started in Zion, the first time a pro bike race has passed through the gates of a national park. But getting the start line set up inside the park took more than just asking. Major concessions were agreed to. In the end (or beginning, in the case of Stage 1) the Tour of Utah got its beauty shot, but no attacks, at least not during the opening miles.

Padraig has a full report on his trip to Felt bikes. The Orange County, CA company has debuted two road bikes, both with some drool factor. One them has a unique chain set.

We also hear from MOOTS bikes and their continued commitment to titanium. The future of this alloy is  discussed and the type of rider who should consider giving it a look and a ride.

Bike mechanics will hold a competition at Interbike in Las Vegas. They will perform challenges for time. Interbike has yet to announce just what the wrenches will be asked to do so The Paceline comes up with some creative challenges. Get out your hex keys and get ready to repair that rig.



Show Links

Tour of Utah

Zion National Park

Padraig – Felt FR

Padraig – Felt VR

Bike mechanics challenge

Fatty’s Leadville fundraiser


Image: Department of the Interior


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  1. John Kopp

    It was unfortunate about Armitstead, but it appears that the British pulled some strings. That being said, after fifty odd years of watching drugs in sports, I am of the opinion that doping is a political tool used by the authorities to get rid of undesirables, and only leads to a lot of corruption in sports. As if ther isn’t enough already!

    Interesting about racing in Zion. I would like to see a stage start at Furnace Creek and finish at Schulman Grove. (Probably Tour of California) that would be a gain of over 10,000 feet elevation. Only problem is either the start is too hot, or the finish is snowed in, or both.

    Good to hear your assessment of titanium frames, and how they compare to carbon. I have always thought carbon was to fragile. I have two Treks, one a 510 Ishiwata steel ca 1978, the other a 950 Columbus steel ca 1982. Both are still in fine shape.

    Enjoyed the Podcast.

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