The Paceline Podcast #25

The Paceline Podcast #25

Show #25 opens on a high note, and we mean that literally. A Paceline host takes us to the top of the “Going to the Sun Road” in Glacier National Park to get the show going. Of course, it’s all downhill from there….

Fatty has a race report from the Crusher in the Tushar. This is one of the top, off-road events in the U.S. His Fattness was disappointed in his result but has a glowing report on two women who took on this tough event.

The Tour de France produced a few moments worth talking about as the grandest of tours came out of its first rest day. Froome’s swipe at a fan and wicked descent got the senses going and got our thumb off the FFWD button for a few moments. But did Froome waste too much energy bagging 20 seconds on his rivals?

More from Michael on riding in Glacier National Park. And he has a crazy story on how his bike was lost, somewhere between Salt Lake City and Whitefish, MT. This is a lesson on saving a vacation and making it to a high spot despite a series of mishaps.

Padraig breaks down the new Dura-Ace. 9000 has been a well received group set but wait ’til you hear how Shimano has made it even better.


Image: Vic Armijo



Show Links:

Crusher in the Tushar

Glacier National Park

Going to the Sun Road

New Dura-Ace

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  1. Stephanie Hughes

    I came across the Paceline Podcast and fell in love with it. I love the host and moderators comments and eagerly await the next podcast. I like the mix of pro peloton and what the day to day average cyclist would do, such as the Glacier National Park report, et al. Keep up the great work.

    1. Michael Hotten

      Thanks so much for your kind words. If you get a chance to rate us on ITunes, that would bu supreme.

  2. David E

    In response to the question posed at the end of the podcast:

    I would have no problem politely discussing politics while rolling along, except that I’ve never found it practical to have real conversations while riding. Talking requires too much shouting into the wind, and distracts from the ride itself. But over post-ride refreshments, I never shy away from discussing politics, unless I know that other person is likely to become upset or argumentative.

  3. Bart

    I’m thinking about a late summer trip to the Glacier area. Would you recommend a road bike or multi-strada/adventure bike for the area? Seems like both options are available but the adventure bike might open up a lot more options for rides.

    I think I understand the Going to the Sun ride pretty well. Any suggestions for other rides in the area?

    1. Michael Hotten

      Thanks for listening.

      If you plan on spending most of your time in the park, then you will be restricted to paved or gravel roads. Trails are off limits. I stayed on the Park’s west side, just above Polebridge. This area is 90 percent gravel roads. The roads are pretty unforgiving, but cars use them. You will see a number of riders on mountain bikes. My wife had one but I still think that is too much bike for riding inside the part. An adventure bike with 35mm-40mm tires (tubeless preferably) would be ideal. You could pack some slick and put those on for a “Going to the Sun” ride. My rental (Specialized Diverge) had 30/32, Roubaix tires. I needed a little more tire, but not much. That rental also had a compact with a 11-30 cassette. The gearing made life super enjoyable.

      If you get over to the Polebridge area, ride the inside North Fork Rd between Polebridge and Apgar. Much of it is closed. A true adventure ride. It’s about 30 miles one way but you could easily add other roads to make your own, National Park epic.

      Outside the park, there is great mountain biking. The Whitefish Ski resort does the lift/downhill thing. Plenty of great cross country riding around Whitefish, although I have no first hand knowledge.

      One other note: Carry Bear Spray and make noise! Glacier is Grizzly country.

  4. Doug

    Group rides are (for me anyway) a politics-free zone. I don’t remember anyone else discussing such on our rides either – like-minded people I guess

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