Corsica by Boat

Corsica by Boat

Since my post a few weeks ago about Santana Adventures, I’ve been thinking about what a remarkable time I had on that trip I did with them down the Danube River. We visited seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe and I got a look at a slice of the world I’d never have been willing to try to visit on my own. And yet the experience wasn’t totally sanitized. In the wake of that post many of you signed up for their email newsletter that details the trips they offer. I get that newsletter as well and have been looking at one of their itineraries: Corsica.

I’ve been wanting to visit Corsica for some years now; it combines the best of the French Riviera with island life, spectacular mountain roads and a much lower density of people and development than you get in Nice or Monaco. Spectacular, but not shoulder to shoulder.

Santana Adventures will be running a cruise for a Corsican exploration next October. The majority of the cruise will be devoted to the island, but there will also be a stop on the Riviera as well. Knowing McCready, he has a few other surprises up his sleeve. The ship, I’m told is a beauty, with 99 staterooms, two jacuzzis, a bar with dance floor, a spacious sun deck and plenty more, including the all-important WiFi.


The late October date for this nine-day trip means that the summer heat will be long gone and the riding will be a good deal easier without the sun beating down.

Rather remarkably, Santana hasn’t sold out this trip. McCready has scouted the trip and says the coastal riding is, in his estimation, better than Big Sur, Connemara or the Cabot Trail. He also lauds the mountain roads for maintaining gentle grades that even more casual cyclists can ascend. The real draw is how close many of these mountain roads stay to the coast, giving your view the drama of mountains dropping into the ocean.

Traditionally, travel to Corsica is a chore. It’s served by a handful of airlines and the layovers can make for a day longer than some hangovers. This trip simplifies that by starting and finishing in cities with big airports and allowing you to leave your suitcase open for the entire trip.


I’m going to be attending this trip and if we can swing the child care, my wife will be there with me as well. This would be an amazing opportunity to connect with you and do rides that can only be described as spectacular.

For more information, go here.

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  1. Rob

    We are signed up for this one. We also attended the Venice, Croatian coast cruise in the Fall of 2014 on the same cruise ship.
    It was a great adventure and they did an outstanding job on the rides with gps chips for the garmin and enough post ride tourist activities to test your energy level. The ships wifi was lacking (unless they upgraded it since) so keep that in mind. It is not an issue for me but it did bother a few complainers.

    These are great trips put on by Santana and if this one comes close to the last one we attended we will be very happy.


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