At last. This is a post I’ve been waiting to compose for more than a year. I’m pleased to announce that we finally are able to present Bill Cass’ incredible illustrations in print form. We’ve had a few hitches, including the theft of a hard drive that had a dizzying amount of Bill’s work, but he was finally able to find a copy of each of the files and we are working with a local printer (a buddy I ride with) to do high-quality digital prints on 100# stock.

The prints are 14 inches square and we went for UV-protection so that the colors won’t fade under the glass. With a good matte they will make an eye-catching (and classy) addition to any room. Trust us, we’re already there.


Eddy Print

You’ll find the Eddy print here, the Andy print here and the set here.

This is a good time to report on our progress with the Freelance Fund.  As we went into this with no clear expectations about what to expect, the only reasonable conclusion is that we’re doing well. We’ve had enough pledged that we can commission roughly eight pieces, depending on just who the contributor is.

Ideally, I’ll be able to commission a piece every other week, though if contributions pick up thanks to the Cass prints, that could give me the chance to reach the dream goal I had, which is one new piece each week. Ideally, the fund would carry us until new ad revenue can pick up the slack. It’s a tall order, but I didn’t get into this to be tame.

I’ll be doing another shipment of pledge premiums on Friday. The prints should arrive early next week and will begin shipping within a day or two.

One other note: I’ve heard from a few supporters of the Why We Ride Kickstarter who didn’t receive books. I’m in the process of getting those replacements out. Why so many went missing in the mail is a mystery (and very expensive disappointment) and so far the postal service has been zero help in tracking the missing parcels (despite the tracking number). Regardless, they are going out.



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