A Love Letter to Interbike

A Love Letter to Interbike

Some people give business cards at the show. Gregg Bagni gives out cookies.
Editor’s note: Gregg Bagni is the director of White Road Investments and the principal behind Alien Truth Communications. The schtick of Alien Truth Communications can be summed up with the South Park line, “Dude! Visitors!” but that doesn’t get at the regard the bike industry Gregg has for his insight into branding and how to connect with consumers. He penned this love letter to Interbike upon the conclusion of this year’s show. Most people will admit that there’s something wrong with the show, but few can seem to put their finger on the cut. This gets at the frustration, if not the solution.
Without further ado, Gregg’s lament:
dear interbike
i am still in love with you
despite you letting me down the last few years
however this year…on our annual love date?  you just melted down right in front of me….
and i came all the way to the vegas, the refrigerated ashtray, to see you….
i can’t believe i’m saying this
i’m almost ready to break up baby…..
bigger bummer
because you used to be hot
now you’re confusing, dark and carpeted with weird energy
plus you’ve lost all those brands that made you look good
so……in my eyes you’ve turned into a weird cross between an electrolux showroom and a science fair
oh geez…..love is a strange thing isn’t it?


  1. Pat O'Brien

    ” The refrigerated ashtray.” I think another Patrick, who attended Interbike, would agree with Mr Bagni’s description of Vegas.

  2. Charles Pelkey

    Oh come on, Alien Boi, it’s a long-term relationship (although I recall you had a passing dalliance with some slut named “BIO”). Stay with her, if for no other reason that she’s been there for you through all of your weird times. Do I really need to bring up the transvestite; the cheerleaders; the graphic descriptions of bowel movements?

    I love you, Alien Boi,
    Lawyer Boi

  3. steve boehmke

    I thought it was awesome. Lots of love in the air… People getting used to the new venue… I only heard good vibes from people too…


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