Greg LeMond Fixes a Flat … Better

Our friends at 9W Magazine have produced a flat repair response with Greg LeMond. That I didn’t see this coming is almost embarrassing, but the surreality of the video is surprising enough that I’m not going to harsh myself. But of course, this does beg one question: What the hell is next?



  1. Larry T.

    I know there’s something about kicking a guy when he’s down but, “TAKE THAT TEX!” seems not so bad after all the years LeMond put up with abuse from “Cancer Jesus” and his followers. But I think it should end with this as a public s__t-storm will not benefit anyone long term.

  2. Hautacam

    That is freaking hilarious!

    Who is next to display their flat-fixing prowess? Stephen Roche? Bernard Hinault? Cipollini? Moser? The Eddy?

    Bring it on!

  3. Pat O'Brien

    The broken pump part was good! But, I agree with Larry T. (damn, that rhymes really well;) I’ve had enough of this flat fixin’ bit.

  4. Gerb61

    Seriously, I have to admire Mr. LeMond. That he can have a laugh at his own expense after all he’s been through says a lot about the man. IMO.

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