1932 Tour de France

We’ve known the guys who competed in the early Tours were harder than nails, but this video will help demonstrate just how tough they were. It may be that none of us merit the word courageous after witnessing this.

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  1. Maremma Mark

    Luckily for me the audio is in Italian. The stage in the Pyrenees departed at 6:00 AM for anyone that missed that detail, with wet muddy roads. It only took stage winner Pesenti 9 hrs and 33 minutes to finish, at an average speed of 25 kph. Imagine a modern race lasting nine and a half hours!
    Unless I am very much mistaken, this clip is taken from a propaganda reel, a form of creating consent that Mussolini’s Fascist government originated. Even the National team selection was predicated not only on sporting merit but just as importantly on Fascist and Nationalist fervor. Gino Bartali ran afoul of this mindset throughout the years of his career that overlapped with the Fascists, including his first TDF victory in 1938. His refusal to follow podium protocol dictated by the Fascist propagandists resulted in his being “punished” with a prohibition on foreign travel for several months. Obviously to prevent him taking part in lucrative races in other European countries.

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