Enter the Deuce, the Series


Now that RKP has settled (more or less) back in to its traditional editorial routines and I am doing what is more typically thought of as my job, and that I can also report with no small degree of pride and relief that the Deuce is healthy, seemingly happy and definitely growing, I’m willing to take a moment to respond to a few emails that I’ve received in the last week or so. Not all readers caught the series from the beginning, and as content would get bumped from the home page it wasn’t easy to find, at least, not without a bunch of scrolling.

Below is the full collection of posts that relate to the Deuce. I should note that when I wrote the first post (Part I) I thought that there would be a follow-up, but not more than that. I really hadn’t conceived of a whole series of posts—not that I couldn’t imagine such a thing, but I didn’t anticipate that it would either be necessary for me or anything I could justify as an acceptable devotion of editorial space. Lucky for us I didn’t get a choice.

So for those of you who missed the opening, or simply want to revisit the series, here it is. Thanks for reading.


Any Normal Person

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

There Will Be Chaos

Part VI

Part VII


Part IX


Part X


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  1. Luis Oliveira

    Man, I look forward on reading a new post on His Deuceness every Feb 22 over the next seveeeeeeral years.

    BTW, awesome news.

  2. P Poppenjay

    Good, Padraig.You have given this series your all–as a father and a writer. I will keep each and every one for the Deuce’s future. Will need future updates, also, please.

  3. Jesus from Cancun

    You probably released this a little early. It would have been great for a Father’s Day gift for your readers!

  4. Fuzznsmoo

    Being a parent, I have to admit I tear up every time I open one of those posts, even though I never went through an experience like that. And of course I do love a happy ending.

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