Montebelluna by Bill Cass

Bill Cass is the artist behind our fantastic Eddy T-shirt and as I noted in my description, Cass was a frequent contributor to Bicycle Guide. Last night, during a stroll through Facebook, this illo popped up. Bill had posted it and tagged me as a nod to my circumstance. It’s been really helpful to hear so many kind words and well-wishes from friends as well as readers, but the responses that mean the most to me are the ones that acknowledge the stakes of the game we play.

Along those lines, I was gratified to read a post by my buddy the Wankmeister over at Cycling in the South Bay; he is a talented writer who gets the value of true, which is to say he could have written something that offered flowery platitudes about quick healing or held himself up as better-than-thou with after-the-fact quarterbacking, but instead went with a shipping container of reality. Never mind the fact that the post is about me (man, I wish I hadn’t given him the subject matter), it’s a terrific example of why his is the best regional cycling blog on the planet.




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