Beer Face – Crash Relief Fund (UPDATED)


As you know, Patrick crashed his bike. In fact, he just about tore his bottom lip off, and 9 hours in the emergency room later, not to mention the prolonged attention of a plastic surgeon, he’s got bills that insurance won’t touch.

We, his friends, would like to help him get out from under the accident as quickly as possible, so he can focus on healing and also preparing for the imminent birth of his second child.

The man himself is massively reticent about this whole undertaking as he feels responsible for the crash. It was, after all, a solo effort. So, we would like to propose something slightly different.

We have all enjoyed RKP over the last few years. In a very real way, we’ve been on a long, hard ride together, cheering and celebrating our sport, brainstorming solutions for the problems it faces, and sharing expertise on the products we use. Patrick has been the ride leader, and given there is no entry fee for this ride, we’d like to suggest each of you buy our leader a beer. Figuratively of course.

Let’s say a beer is $5. We’d like to ask each of you to contribute that to the fund to cover Patrick’s medical costs. Just $5. You wouldn’t hesitate to buy a buddy a beer after a hard ride together. Let’s do this for Patrick now.

It looks like the ambulance ride, ER time and follow up with the surgeon come to $5,000, so we’re aiming to buy Patrick 1,000 beers. Help us make this happen.

Here are the particulars:

CURRENT TOTAL = $5000+ – Thank you!

We have reached our goal! In fact, we have surpassed it. And, in the interest of complete transparency, before we do anything further, we need to get a final tally of donations and a sharper total for expenses. This has all happened far more quickly than any of us imagined, so while we started out with the goal of raising $5,000, we figured we’d have time to more clearly outline expenses before we even began to approach that goal.

Your generosity has been sudden and overwhelming.

The last thing we want to do is move the goal posts for this project, so we are working quickly to gather what bills are available and to factor in the tax consequences of taking in this money. At the moment, it appears we have all the money we need to address the Brady family’s financial consequences from the crash.

Over the next days we will put out another post with all the details of the expenses and contributions. Thanks everybody who wrote in and/or donated. We are all humbled by the way our community has rallied to our aid.

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  1. John

    I don’t want to turn this in to a political debate, mostly cause I’m Canadian and what you do to your own country is your own business.
    BUT, tell me again why people in America are so opposed to gov’t run and subsidized health care. I don’t get it. Had this happened in Canada, and Patrick was Canadian, he would have no bills. And there would be no plea for financial help. Instead we have someone who pays (I’m assuming here) insurance premiums only to be denied coverage when he needs it.
    My wife and I just spent 10 days in California, we noted that there seems to be massive misconceptions on how effective our healthcare systems is, and how much it costs us. Based on the conversations that we had with ppl it seems like we pay the same amount of tax as you, but we don’t have a $1300/family insurance premium every month (again, based on what we were told. if it’s less please let me know).
    So what’s the difference between paying your insurer $1300, and giving that money to the gov’t to run your health system? You cannot be denied coverage in the gov’t model.
    What am I missing here? And lets keep it civil.

    1. Padraig

      John: Nope. Not going there. Not this blog, this post. This situation is hard enough without having to engage how bad it sucks that I really still don’t know where this could top out at. I do not want this turning into any sort of discussion on the myriad ways American health care could be better.

  2. nrs5000

    Has the insurer claimed to deny coverage? That seems quite sketchy and I’d suggest seeking out some help challenging it. If it’s a high deductible that’s a different story. Either way, I’ll chip in for the amount of a beer.

  3. Biff

    Yep, also Canadian. My father spent over 3 months in the hospital (with multiple surgeries) and when he was discharged he just walked out. No paperwork, no insurance papers or companies, not a penny due. Americans are nuts not to be demanding a health care system like ours (which is better in every measurable way than the American system anyway). With that said, I’ll give $10 just because I enjoy this site and wish Patrick the best. But yeah, I can’t help but shake my head every time one of the American cycling blogs/sites advertises a fund set up to help some cyclist pay medical bills… you never see that here in Canada.

    1. Padraig

      I need to make really clear that it’s difficult enough for me to be in the position that I’m in. I’ll take the post down before I allow this to become a discussion about the American health care system. I’m not here to defend it. This is not a discussion I want to have. Or even read.

  4. Author

    @Biff, Nate & John – It’s cool. No harm. No foul.

    Let’s just pull a Luke Skywalker with this one and STAY ON TARGET.

  5. Mike

    Having been a reader for a while and enjoying the articles, I figure I owe you a couple of beers. Heal well and congrats on your soon to be new addition.

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  7. Eric Little

    OMG. Before going on my normal lunch ride, I looked at paypal to send thank you notes to those that had already contributed. Happy with the effort at that point and that it would do some good. I get back from lunch and a phone call from our good friend at made me look again. In that short ride time, contributions went up 5 fold! (it will make the thank you notes take more time but a task I am only too happy to have) You people are all fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am working with others that are more savy to getting the word out and we will let you know what other great ways we can come up with to let you know how much you have helped Patrick and his family.

    I am very much touched by all the gerousity out there in this community. I count on one hand the number of friends I have and I am happy that Patrick is one of them. I can see that many of you feel much the same.

    This is most unbelievable. You all have amazed me.

  8. Christina

    Once I have one beer, I want another one…so I bought you two! Thanks to Fatty for introducing me to this awesome site.

  9. Airbonner

    I’ve gotten so much info and inspiration from Mr. Brady, I have no choice but to share a case o brew (Oops. minus the two I seemed to have already enjoyed. No rides today!)

  10. Jim Rupert


    You’re best tour leader ever, Jim Rupert here. Saddened by the news of your crash. I think of you often and of the times we rode together thru the Cols of the Alps. You were such a pleasure to have along!
    Get well soon. And come on another tour. Doing the Jura next summer.
    I had a nasty crash last August 2011. Broke a couple ribs and a collar bone and got one hell of a concussion. All better now. Yay!

    Jim and Marcia

  11. Runningcyclist

    A check is on its way and I like Christina’s philosophy – – I always want another beer as well. Great idea guys. Here’s to more great riding and writing Patrick!

    1. Padraig

      Jim: I’ll never forget the fun I had with you and Marcia on that trip. That was an epic I’ll never forget.

      Everyone: The kindness you all are expressing is pretty overwhelming. To say I’m blown away doesn’t quite get the point across. Thank you.

  12. lfx

    Beer, No problem.
    I figure I owe you at least a magazine subscriptions worth.
    Lets just call it a bottle of decent trappist ale.

    Thanks for the site.

  13. Joe

    As someone who had to struggle with his own medical bills earlier this year as the result of a nasty bike crash, consider this my contribution to getting shit-faced. 10 beers, nearly a sixer each.

    Best of luck on the recovery Patrick, both physical and mental.

  14. Noah

    Uf, bad news. I’m an occasional reader, but definitely want Patrick back on his feet (and without crippling medical bills) as soon as possible. Beer and cheers.

  15. Chad Frost

    I’m late to this party, and was actually deluding myself that Wankmeister’s story some days back was not
    in fact about *this* Patrick… So I’m in for a six-pack. Normally this would be contributed in homebrew, but under the circumstances I’ll send some $. Heal up soon, Padraig!

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  17. AKChick55

    So Mr. Fatcyclist asked me to buy you a beer or two. I’m not one to pass up buying someone a beer! 😉 Hope you heal up and are better than you were before your crash! Allez from the 49th state! If you ever find yourself in Alaska, let me know and I can hook you up with some places to ride – road or MTB. We also have THE best pizza joint in the US and they brew their own beer so you really should visit sometime. 🙂

  18. Jeff

    Padraig – Wishing you the best as you heal and get through this. Went for a 12-pack’s worth of Guiness. Hang in there. – BC

  19. nuovorecord

    I had to buy two beers; one for me and one for Patrick. I love your blog and all the effort you put into it. Hope you heal quickly…and with your finances intact!


  20. Hurben

    Two Beers from Middle Earth Down under, blame PO’G.

    Seriously, LUGs sessions are the highlights of my year & you make it possible.

    Heal quickly.

  21. Sharon

    Can’t seem to use a credit card on the link and have had a bad experience with PayPal so want to send a check. Can anyone help me with an address to send check for Patrick? Tks!

  22. Homey

    Yeah, I’m a recovering cyclist. I’ve crashed hard a few times. Moreover, PB and I have scraped a few folks off the pavement and shed than a few tears for those less, much less, fortunate than us. I glad to know you, Pat, and especially glad you weren’t hurt worse. I’ve stocked your fridge. Cheers!

  23. Larry T.

    Ciao Pat We’ve had our differences over the years but I was sad to learn of your situation. A contribution to your fund is on the way. Get well soon and back on your bike.

  24. Full Monte

    Tracing my family tree back to Germany, and seeing as it’s Oktoberfest, I’m donating a couple bottles of Franziskaner Weissbier to the cause. Bottoms up, Padraig! Ahhhhh. Better.

  25. TominAlbany

    Since you’re on the West Coast, Padraig, I’m donating a tenner because Pliny the Elder ain’t cheap but it IS worth it!

  26. Lloyd

    Thanks for the opportunity to pitch in. Patrick, you have certainly contributed plenty to my cycling experience over the years.

    I uncovered a cache of my old issues of Winning magazine a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed thumbing through them. In a ’94 issue, I suddenly realized I was re-reading an article with your byline. So, thanks for the memories, and those yet to come.

  27. Eric Little


    I was the one to set up the fund for Padraig. You can send the check to me at

    Eric Little
    118 Demmer Dr.
    Placentia, CA 92870

    You can make the check payable to Patrick Brady. Thanks for your kind support.

  28. Michelle Russell

    Hello Patrick,
    Never met you man, but that could have been me at any time. I bought you “2 beers”. Cheers and speedy recovery.

  29. Seano

    Happy to contribute… As a bonus, I’m skipping a beer for ea one I donated in the hopes that one day I could once again wait for Patrick at the top of a climb!

  30. Naz Hamid

    Having been in this position, and having had the help of the cycling community in the same way, AND FOR MY FAVOURITE BIKE SITE EVER, I’m more than happy to contribute some libations.

    Heal fast, heal strong Padraig.

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  32. Jeremy

    I’ve been twice denied access to RKP today(two separate occasions) because of server issues. I can only hope that it is due to such an increase in site traffic resulting in “Beer Money”. This is a great website and people are obviously proud to support it and it’s employees.

    1. Padraig

      Jeremy: Sorry about the server issues. Yeah, traffic is through the roof. This really caught our host off guard. Thanks for the kind words.

  33. Dan

    Hope you heal up quickly Padraig and that the beer money that none of us will miss helps with that process. Give a shout out next time you’re in the happy valley of western MA and we’ll lift a real one together.

  34. punkture

    wow Padraig epic picture,

    heal up soon. i seem to have seen this too late to catch the ‘donation deadline’ but hope you are ok and if those bills come to more let us know, more than willing to donate

    1. Padraig

      Everyone: Again, I need to thank you for the many beers and for all the kind words. For those of you who missed the window, if you’d still like to do something nice, I’d like to suggest a donation to the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) in the name of Philip Brady, my son. I think they are doing more to bring new riders into the sport than anyone else and they could use more grease on their bearings. I’m hoping Philip will be a member some day and I’d like to see NICA prosper in the meantime.

  35. P Poppenjay

    Okay, so I am Padraig’s Mom.
    Have commented sometimes.
    This comment is the most heartfelt and significant I have given.
    In Padraig’s words, the outpouring of love and contribution has been ‘staggering and humbling’. I have known him to be the man you honor.
    I am indebted to and honor each one of you. May each one of you have angels at your door when you are in need. You, each of you, have been so for my son.
    Blessings to you!

  36. IF

    Very sorry to read about the crash. Happy to have contributed from the land down under. All the very best for your recovery.

  37. Author

    @All – Just to reiterate what I wrote in the UPDATED post, we have reached our goal and are no longer taking donations. Thanks so much for getting us there so quickly. NPR should think about selling beer. Just sayin.

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  39. bob

    $5k will cover it? Ha! The bills will still be rolling in months from now! After 3 surgeries on a broken neck in Moab I’m happy to help with the stragglers that roll in late.

    1. Padraig

      Bob: There’s a chance you’re right and I might get a surprise. But I swear, even if we’ve miscalculated and I end up having to fish out $1000, even $2000, it will be a colossal relief compared to what I was facing 72 hours ago. It won’t change how profoundly everyone has helped me. I’m grateful, as we like to say around here, full stop.

  40. Dave J

    Really glad to hear Patricks going to be OK, both physically and financially.

    So… just wondering… why wouldn’t these expenses be covered by insurance? WTF is your insurance for then?

    Sorry, I’m from the great white north, and I just can’t understand your backwards HC system.

    1. Padraig

      Dave J: Some tweets and comments have mischaracterized the situation somewhat. My insurance is covering some of the costs. Unfortunately, so far, it’s less than half of what is owed. My coverage has just turned out to be far less robust than I was led to believe when I purchased the policy. And here in this country, I have to purchase an individual plan because I don’t have a normal 9-5 employer, and individual plans are the most expensive plans going.

  41. Flahute

    I am not a tax advisor/tax attorney, but gifts under $11,000 are not required to be reported to the IRS, and are not subject to taxation.

    Now my contribution to the fund (2 beers) is a should be considered a gift, because I know that the account is not being set-up as tax-exempt organization, I will not be claiming a deduction.

    And as far as I know, unless any one individual has donated in excess of $11,000, then all of these gifts should be tax-free.

    Again, I’m not a tax advisor/tax attorney, but it seems like that’s how it should be applied across the board.

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  43. Tim

    I’ve been riding a bike for 30 years and am commuting four days a week. I have good insurance and my Wife has bought extra insurance for that, maybe, ride to the hospital.
    I just happened to stumble onto this Web site and the story of your crash. No one should go down on the hard, hard ground and have a painfull recovery. But even though the bike is an inherently unstable vehicle, it makes you feel alive. Like when you were a kid.
    It makes me feel really good to hear that your friends and community came together and helped you out.
    I saw a sign on the way home that said, “People on Bikes are Beautiful”.
    What a great Community of people to come and help someone they haven’t even met, but only know you through your writings. Keep up the great work.

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