The Son of the Killer Kit


The Killer Kit is back. Well, not quite. This would be the Son of the Killer Kit. Designed once again by the über-talented Joe Yule of StageOne Sports, those of you who have eyed (or ordered) the RKP kit in the past may recall that Mr. Yule is the man behind the look of both the Garmin-Barracuda and  SpiderTech teams. That RKP gets some of his down time is no small miracle.

Joe suggested that we do a slight evolution of the existing design. Think of our previous efforts as the spring jersey and this new design as the summer jersey. We’ve also got a new all-black pair of bibs so that if you only want a pair of RKP bibs, the blue won’t look silly with your existing collection of jerseys. Which is to say, we will now be offering the jersey and bibs separately.

Panache will be doing the clothing once again. We continue to be impressed with the quality of the clothing overall, but especially impressed with the CyTech pad they use in the bibs; it remains our favorite pad found in custom bibs. You’ll find sizing information in the store.

We expect an early August delivery.

Click on the image to see it in greater detail. It has some pretty stylish touches, if we do say so ourselves (and we do). In addition to the jersey and bibs, we will be offering arm and knee warmers; sorry, no leg warmers. The knee warmers, as you can see, will be black with the kite this time around.

For those who know they are interested, we are offering a 15% discount for pre-orders. You can order what you want of the new kit until Monday at noon and get the discount. Check it out in the store.

We also have some old stock, odds and ends mostly, that we’re blowing out for 40% off.

Blue bibs are only $89. The vest is $69. Arm warmers are $21. Ditto for knee warmers. Stock levels on most of these items are low, so act quickly.

One other important note: Padraig (who fills all the orders) will be at Bike PressCamp the week of 6/18. Any orders placed after 6/16 will go out the week of 6/25.


  1. Mike

    The new kit looks great! I have several questions for you. Will the jersey have the same black non-hidden zipper? Is the blue the same color as on the last jersey? Is the jersey the regular Dolce or the superlight? The bibs are also the regular (not roubaix) Dolce bibs? Lastly, the sizing you show in the store doesn’t really mesh with what’s on the Panache website for the Dolce kit, which should we go by? I’m clearly a L at the Panache site, but in between sizes by your guidelines.

    I’m not harping on you, the kit looks great and I’m very interested, just want to make sure I know what I’m buying. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Mike: Thanks for the kind words. I’ll answer your questions in order.
      1. Yes, the zipper, to my current knowledge is black and not hidden.
      2. The very last run of kit featured a slightly brighter, more saturated blue than the original one. This is our original more subdued, slightly grayish blue, Pantone 660 U.
      3. Dolce for the jersey and bibs.
      4. I’ll check Panache’s site; it may be that I need to update the sizing. I suppose the best answer is to go with Panache’s site for now. I’ll try to have that point clarified in the next day.

  2. Ian

    Great looking kit and I’m delighted to see international posting at a sensible price. Looking forward to riding with the RKP jersey down under in Melbourne, Australia.

  3. JM Dirt

    The kit looks good!

    Q: Can you provide a photo of the chamois? Q: Is it smooth and thin?

    You said that it is the CyTech chamois but they list it as the Pro Stock on their order site.

    Happy Trails!

  4. Jason

    Panache has updated their sizing chart. Will have to call Padraig to change my jersey size to a large according to Panache’s chart. Nice kit.

  5. Jeff

    I am interested in ordering the new kit, but, I am unsure about sizing.
    If I order two sizes, can I return the one that does not fit?

    I guess, my question is:
    Are returns acceptable and how is that handled?

    1. Author

      Jeff: Our preference is to make every effort to get the sizing correct on the font end. On the rare occasion we’ve needed to do a return, we can only accept an item back if it still has the tags on it and is in its original packaging.

      I’m in the process of checking with Panache about the evolution in their sizing. Previously, my understanding was that the sizes really hadn’t changed.

      Jason: just drop a note to the killerkit address and we’ll get it taken care of.

  6. scott

    The Panache site for the Dolce is quite different from what is described on the RKP site. Just confirming, we should go with the Panache site Dolce jersey and bib sizing?

  7. PasoWinemaker

    As a long-time, enthusiastic user of RKP kit, I must tip my hat to RKP (and Panache) for conceiving and producing some very comfortable, long-lasting, and stylish kit. If the new items are anything like the previous ones, I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed.

    (Disclosure: I do not have the knee warmers, but I have two jerseys, two “regular” bibs, 1 Roubaix [cool weather] bib, a vest, and arm warmers.)


  8. Kepler F1

    Hello! Is there any update in regards to a more concrete delivery timeframe? Yes, I can’t wait to flaunt my new bibs…

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