Padraig Interviewed on ‘The Outspoken Cyclist’

Diane Lees owns a bike shop, teaches yoga, hosts a radio show and still finds time to ride her bike. I think she put her watch in a trash compactor. I’ve known her since the days of Asphalt and my every interaction with her has been a delight.

She interviewed me for her radio show, “The Outspoken Cyclist,” this week. The show will be on WJCU 88.7 FM live (in Cleveland) at 5:30 (that’s Easter Standard Time). You can live stream the show or wait until 6:00 and then download the podcast. We had a great time talking and I’m hoping that unless you meet me in person it’ll be the first and last time you hear my voice (why is it we hate the sound of our own voice?).

To check it out, drop by here.

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  1. Cliff

    Really enjoyed the interview.I really enjoy your work and the efforts of those you have surrounded yourself with . Love the respect. Thanks, and all the best.

  2. Chris

    I’m at the office on a Sunday night getting some extra work done. That interview made for some great listening to pass the time. Great to hear a little about RKP’s genesis and where we can expect it to go next.

  3. George Straz

    Great interview Patrick. Love the part about how gear can motivate. Recently got the Castelli nanoflex warmers and Gore Ride On cables …a double whammy! Both solid! Btw- the “Suffer” shirt arrived. It is very cool.

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