Friday Group Ride #65

I don’t care how long you’ve been riding a bicycle, you haven’t ridden everywhere. You haven’t ridden everything. There are always things to try, to strive for,  and to dream of. Even a guy like Padraig, who has forgotten more about bicycles than I’ve ever know, has a laundry list of bike dreams that runs up one arm, across his shoulders and down the other arm before cascading across the living room floor.

One of my great cycling joys over the last couple years has been watching my oldest son take to two wheels. From his first wobbly pedal strokes, the boy was in it to win it. Almost immediately  he began pushing at the edges of what he could do, riding with one hand, off of curbs, flat out fast the length of the street and back again, the tiny single-geared BMX beneath him soaking up every haphazard crash and waiting patiently at roadside while we cried over skinned knees.

And so, rather than dreaming of scaling Alpen cols (well, of course I still do that), my current preoccupation is with BMX. I want to ride up and down the street with him, teaching him the bunny hop, the wheelie, the endo, the rock walk. I’ve blotted out the carbon fiber future in favor of full tilt BMX regression. That’s what’s lighting my cyclo-fire these days.

This week’s Group Ride is about the things you haven’t done on a bike yet. What is it in cycling that you most fervently dream of? What is there left for you to do?



  1. dvgmacdonald

    Well, my wife gave birth to triplets this week, so my cycling future is definitely about to change. Right now, I’m dreaming of putting together a cargo bike that can haul all 3 of these babies and getting them on the road as soon as possible. Probably won’t happen this summer, but a man can dream.

    In the mean time, I’m hoping I get time to ride outside a few hours a week this summer, in between work & diapers. I shudder to think I might get all of my exercise on the trainer this year.

  2. Paul

    Two of my dreams are planned to come true this year — my first actual mountain (Greylock), and a trip to the Alps.

  3. Rhys

    There are two things:

    I am sitting at the window of the living room looking out at the park. Past the kids playing soccer on this Saturday morning is a skate park. I think I need a BMX capable of riding that bowl. And the guts to try.

    The second: what do I dream of? getting my partner out on a bike with me, realising and sharing the enjoyment that I get from two wheels and the road.

  4. James

    I toured Europe while in college but would like to do it again now that I’m not so destitute! Maybe when I retire…

  5. Dan O

    Riding with your kids is a blast. I’ve been riding with my son, now 11 years old, for a few years now. He’s also been racing mountain bikes and ‘cross for awhile, big fun to witness it all. This year is his first racing for a team. When it comes down to it, the best times have been just us cruising the woods on mountain bikes. I feel damn lucky he shares my passion for two wheels.

    Bike dreams? After many years of riding, I still have plenty. Just a few that come to mind:

    Bike trip to Moab with my son. Trip back to my home state of New Jersey to ride on old trails with old friends. Do one of those Hampsten Italy tours. Ride the Dirt Rag Punk Bike Enduro. Ride the cobble sections of Paris-Roubaix. Witness a few stages of the Tour de France. Try a few more ‘cross races. Enter an endurance length mountain bike race. Learn how to pull of a decent bunny hop at speed. Share a ride with Greg LeMond, Bob Roll, Grant Petersen, Andy Hampsten, Scot Nicol, and/or Robin Williams. Learn to build a bike frame. Start a bicycle related business. Continue to ride more miles then drive per year. Share many more rides with my kids. Stay healthy enough to be a crusty old bastard that still rides bikes.

    As I head towards 50 years old, guess I’m hooked for life. Riding bikes is an endless journey and adventure.

  6. G

    Since I came late to cycling I have a ton of stuff left to do. Highest on my list is to explore rare mountain roads, mainly the Transfagarasan in Romania..

  7. Souleur

    1. a ride across America & Europe w/my lovely wife
    2. Leadville 100 and Montezuma’s revenge if they still do it
    3. sit up in pack, reach back in my pocket and hand spartacus a drink
    4. Instead of my rockin MP3 tunes in the morning commute to work, hearing the voice in Flandrian screaming GO GO GO

  8. randomactsofcycling

    Great topic yet again.
    I’m lucky to be ticking off one of my goals this year when I ride the Dolomites and the Alps.
    My single largest cycling goal is to a build my own bike. I have completed the specs, have the full scale drawings and have just received the lugs and tubing. Now to accumulate the $$$ and skill to put it all together. That will take some time still….

    Oh and Souleur I’m with you on #3.

  9. Scott G.

    James, take the wife or GF and go now, do not wait, the kids
    don’t need quite so much in the college fund.
    Life doesn’t always make it to retirement.

  10. Mike

    Having reached 51 years to realize that some dreams deferred to “sensibility” meant they won’t be reached (getting a pro contract is just not going to happen at this point!), I agree with others … do it now. That being said, I establish annual attainable goals … last year logging over 12,000 miles … this year doing a century on the trainer (done), riding the RAIN (one day – 160 miles – registered), riding as far as I can in one day/sunrise to sunset, and, finally, a week solo excursion. I find maintaining enjoyment of these more mundane targets is important to my overall “cycling health.” Loftier dreams include, as others have mentioned, a European trip including some of the great mountains and a sojourn to the backroads of the land of my ancestors – Ireland.

  11. Si

    My continuing obsession with Mont Ventoux was not sated with doing the Cingles as I hoped it might, and now can’t get the idea of the Ventoux Masters out of my mind. I think this requires a few more FTP sessions in readiness for next year….

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