Cynergy Cycles’ Euro Shopping Experience

The concept store business model takes a certain amount of heat from cycling enthusiasts. On the one hand, they tend to be beautiful stores. Merchandise is well-displayed, everything is clearly priced and their stock is often relatively consistent (i.e. they tend to keep your favorite tire in stock). Of course, the critical view is that they are homogenized, expensive and squeeze out any line that is remotely competitive with the primary line, be it Trek, Specialized or Giant.

Cynergy Cycles is a Specialized Concept Store in Santa Monica, California. In an attempt to help break the perception that a Specialized Concept Store has very little that isn’t Specialized, they invited customers and representatives of a few of their European lines to come and mingle one evening. As I’m a fan of anything a shop can do to break up the business-as-usual approach, I made sure to drop by.

Larry Kohn of Assos (l) shows of the 2010 line to a potential customer.

The Dopo Bici Polo color choices reminded me of Benetton polos of the 1980s.

The Buru long-sleeve jersey is a new piece for the fall/winter collection.

The Buru promises to be the only top you’ll need on a moderately cool day.

This new rain cape replaces the Clima-Jet.

Among it’s many features are flaps you can reach through to access jersey pockets.

Handlebar Coffee Roasters is a new line of coffee and café in Santa Barbara.

The owners are former PROs Kim Anderson who won the Route de France in 2009 and Aaron Olson who won stages of  the Tours of Ireland and Poland among other achievements. Both are alums of Bob Stapleton’s High Road (previously T-Mobile) formation. They are genuinely charming folks with a real passion for coffee.

Kurt and Soren (in the black jackets) of BMC were showing of the company’s road and mountain bikes.

I was really impressed with the layup work in this cutaway of the Race Machine. It featured a lengthwise, vertical rib (shown here) with stellar compaction. Look for a review in the future.

Sara Ecclesine was on hand from Sidi to give people a chance to try on a wide sampling of the company’s popular footwear.

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  1. Randomactsofcycling

    The ‘concept store’ is something that is very slowly being integrated into the Australian Market. It does tend to polarize opinion and many are ignorant as to the fact that they do in fact carry other lines of gear. I enjoy the fact I can often go into such a store and see products that are often not available elsewhere. I think they add a certain ‘completeness’ to the retail experience.

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