1. van townsend

    Great info. Thanks. By “road feel” do you mean LESS vertical compliance or MORE? Just curious b/c I’m trying to decide between a Felt F and Z.

    1. Author

      Van: “Road feel” is a matter of sensing a certain amount of high frequency vibration. If you don’t feel some high frequency vibration all roads feel glassy until you hit a bump. You want some input from the bike about the nature of the road surface.

      As for Felt’s F vs. Z, stay tuned; I’ll be running a review of the Z soon. If you’re looking at, say, an F1 vs. Z1, all that changes is geometry. They use the same carbon in the same basic layup. If you’re not planning to do a lot of crit racing or super-fast, technical descents, you’ll probably prefer the Z. The longer headtube allows for more choice in positioning. However, if you’re not happy unless you’ve pinned on a number, the F is unbelievably good and a stunning value.

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