1. Larry T.

    Ahhh, certainly one of the best parts of Interbike! Can’t remember exactly when they upgraded from the generic (but still WAY better than a tube-steak and beer!) steam-table fare they used to provide to the much-better pranzo created by the Valentino folks, but it’s pretty much the only decent food I get during the show as well. Sadly, Padraig failed to follow me over to our friend’s (who will be nameless here to avoid getting into any trouble) stand where I’d stashed a magnum of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo to complement the nice offering of fresh bread, grilled asparagus, sliced mortadella, various cheeses and both pasta and risotto. The Italian Trade Commission DOES provide espresso afterwards thankfully to counteract any residual effects of the vino. Perhaps less orders were written this year compared to pre-economic meltdown but overall the mood and numbers of folks visiting the show were impressive to me. Viva Italia!

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