When I started Red Kite Prayer I wanted the opportunity to write with passion about a sport that changed our lives. I and my contributors were fortunate to find immediate support from a group of friends who trusted my editorial vision enough to write checks without eliciting any assurances of ongoing editorial.

Strong content written with passion is infectious. RKP has both attracted and recruited talented contributors. The result has drawn a significant following and some notable nods, including being named the #1 blog in cycling by Outside Magazine.

RKP readers are the brightest of the bunch and skeptical enough to see through garden-variety marketing fluff. They are as interested in cutting-edge technology as intelligently made parts that will stand the test of time. But they care about more than making sure they have the newest/lightest/coolest. For them, cycling isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s the bedrock of their culture.

Advertising with RKP is an opportunity to make a different sort of statement. It’s a chance to verify your commitment to quality. We’re a place for you to set yourself apart.

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Patrick Brady