Michael Hotten

mh shot

Michael Hotten has been a journalist for nearly 30 years. He started and has stayed in radio. His field reporting has included coverage of Somalia’s humanitarian crisis in 1993, the Princess Diana tragedy, the Loma Prieta and Northridge earthquakes and the O.J. Simpson case. He has even witnessed an execution. He later served as the Assistant News Director and Assignment Editor at the #1 talk radio station in Los Angeles.

To clear the news pollution from his mind, Michael has turned to his passions and print reporting. In the ’90s, Michael played and wrote about golf for a Los Angeles based golf monthly. He also co-hosted a golf radio show.

Golf gave way to cycling and riding progressed to racing.  Michael has competed in road, track, mountain, gravel and ‘cross events. He is a Cat. II on the road but mostly races masters. He also helps teammates and his wife prepare for races and centuries. Two or three times a week he rides to work.  The racing, bike commuting and writing for RKP keep Michael sane.