Notable Work

In the course of my career I’ve published work with a great many cycling magazines and even a few newspapers. What follows are some of the high points from my career. While I’m proud of all the work I turn in, these pieces are a cut above, ones I wouldn’t mind being remembered for. They are in no particular order.

Amnesty for Doping CyclistsLos Angeles Times, May 30, 2007

This ran in the L.A. Times Op-Ed section and was the first piece to suggest a South African-style truth and reconciliation commission to learn the full extent of doping within cycling. It’s an idea that has been echoed many times since.


Malibu: Heaven has mountainsRoad Bike Action, June 2009

Of all the mountain ranges suitable to cycling Malibu’s Santa Monica Mountains enjoy the distinction of being ridable year-round, near a population center of millions, challenging both on the way up and the way down and, unfortunately, have had virtually nothing written about them. They are my idea of heaven on earth.


2009 Astana: Magic or Mutiny?Road Bike Action, January 2009

Brad Roe asked me to compare and contrast the 2009 Astana team with the La Vie Claire team of 1986. The ’86  La Vie Claire team boasted two of the greatest Tour riders ever, Bernard Hinault and Greg LeMond. Though La Vie Claire utterly dominated that year’s Tour, they were a disaster in every other sense. The question was whether Johann Bruyneel could keep peace between two of the other greatest Tour de France riders ever, Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador.