John Wilcockson

John Wilcockson raced as a category 1 amateur in the British Isles and France before entering journalism in 1968. He has been writing about the sport of cycling ever since, and reported the Tour de France for the 43rd time in 2011. His most successful books include “John Wilcockson’s World of Cycling” (1998), “23 Days in July” (2004) and “Lance: The Making of the World’s Greatest Champion” (2009). Wilcockson has been the editor of five cycling magazines, including VeloNews, Inside Cycling and Winning; he is the former cycling correspondent for The Times and Sunday Times of London; and he has been published by The New York Times, L’Équipe, Outside magazine and Men’s Journal. He has appeared frequently on TV news programs (including ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and ESPN2), and he has been interviewed dozens of times on international, national and regional radio shows. He is editor-at-large of peloton magazine, writes the “Tuesdays with Wilcockson” column for Red Kite Prayer, and is currently working on two new books.