Paceline Podcast 197

Paceline Podcast 197

We seem to have entered a new phase of our collective shelter in place, we might call it the cranky phase, Selene says. She discusses what she’s doing to stay sane, how she views the different takes of other folks she encounters and just who she’s willing to ride with.

This week bike racing’s governing body, the UCI, released the revised 2020 racing calendar. We will just go ahead and say it: It’s insane. It’s so mind-bogglingly jam-packed that Samuel Beckett couldn’t have come up with anything so hopeless. The men face 127 days of racing in just over three months, with a great many events double- and triple-booked. The implications of this calendar and its downstream effects will be fascinating to watch, but we wouldn’t want to be pro riders right now.




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  1. Neil Winkelmann

    The truly excellent New Zealand PM gave the clearest advice I’ve heard on how to act. Basically, she said act as if YOU already have Covid-19, not as if other people might have the disease.

  2. Jim

    In March when all this was blowing up, I bought entries to all the local events I often do, knowing the organizers would need the cash when they have to cancel.

  3. Chris Halle

    Thanks for this discussion (which I’m still listening to). This whole UCI proposed calendar just makes me sad. It seems like such an opportunity has been lost with the riders and sponsors, I was hoping that most races would be cancelled and teams could go from community to community to help introduce new riders to the sport and to riding. The communities would be grateful, and the sponsors would probably have gotten far more publicity than this simple retreat into racing, which might actually help keep sponsorship dollars coming into the sport. Just not enough imagination here.

  4. Toddc

    Thank you for talking about the gear that you rely on regularly. I had never heard of a side-pull water bottle cage before. You’ve changed my life! Thank you!

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