Paceline Podcast 195

Paceline Podcast 195

We’re all looking for fresh ways to deal with being hunkered down in these new lives we lead. Selene takes a look at fatigue and how stress (like that which could be caused by having all your traditional routines upended) can affect recovery as well as things like perceived exertion. She also takes on a reader question about recovery drinks, particularly those that mix protein and carbohydrate and talks about just how effective they are.

Because his riding has been curtailed somewhat, Patrick has been in the garage more working on his bikes. He talks about how the process is pleasantly contemplative and has allowed him to even improve his skills, especially where bleeding hydraulic brakes are concerned.



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Show links:

The Story of the Tour de France Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Bill and Carol McGann

Glucosamine Chondroitin Tumeric and MSM from Vimerson Health

The Service Course natural bristle brushes

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  1. Bill Humphreys

    Some 75 year old guy/rider just listened to your podcast and actually took a few notes.
    No comment now, but then….
    You are both going to get old someday…….
    I am amazed at who your audience is
    I do not know any of them.
    Thank God.
    Glad I got to be on your podcast once, very gratifying, thanks.
    I am a minority now in your world.
    When you get here (where I am) you will not be so.
    But you will be saying to yourself……..So this is what Bill was feeling……..and I will be long gone.

    1. Selene Yeager

      Hello friend! And welcome. I think it’s the way of the world that most people can only speak from where they are, which is what we try to do with the utmost honesty. That’s why people love all those “letter to my younger self” articles. And you were a very popular guest!

    1. Jim

      Great news. Tell this person, there are lots out there who have empathy for what they are going through.

      And thanks again for another podcast. I will be on the lookout for horsehair brushes as I currently use old tooth brushes to scrub the chain.

  2. Jamey

    Thanks for putting together this podcast every week, especially under the strange circumstances we find ourselves in currently.

    Would you consider Selene doing a segment about the Iron Cross? She is the events most prolific winner, and getting her insights about what it is, how to be successful at it, and some of the unique aspects of the race would be very interesting to learn about.

  3. John Knowlton

    Wirh bike shops closed in my state for the past 6 weeks and group rides prohibited, your cast is my chance to hang out and “talk” bikes. My wife rides tandem with me but doesnt want to discuss the merits of tire pressure, SRAM v Shimano or various chain lubes. She’s got better things to think about (kids, food, friends, family, etc.). Thanks for being our virtual cycling buddies!

  4. Justin Short

    Hi guys, I need an address for you. My therapist is drafting a cease and desist letter to you guys on account of the centering and balancing effect your dialogue has on me each week. I still haven’t heard back from the Dirty Kanza lawyers about my response to their cease and desist letter yet. I’m making the case that Micheal Jackson didn’t go broke when Weird Al wrote “Eat It,” but I also proposed discussions about properly licensing the name Dirty Spokanza or have them own and operate the event outright. Spokane has room to GROW an event despite being pretty low key as cities go.

    Anyway, I just finished a quarantine documentary on an ultra bikepacking race I did in my back yard. I hope this makes you shoot a little hydration fizzy water out your nostrils, because THAT, as they say (or if they don’t, they should) is the best medicine!


  5. Scott M.

    Like Selene, I discovered Glucosamine-Chondroitin as a supplement to avoid a VERY expensive surgery on my dog’s knee. A few years later, I developed tendonitis in my onw knee that was painful enough that I had to take Ibuprofen every day before riding.
    On a hunch, I started taking Glucosamine-Chondroitin and the problem cleared up. On the occasions that I ran out, the pain returned. Took it again and the problem went away.
    I’ve been a regular user now for about 15 years. I take it every day, without fail. It’s the only supplement (besides Iron) that I take. I get mine from Trader Joes.

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