Paceline Podcast 189

Paceline Podcast 189

This week we take on Daylight Saving Time and sleep. Selene talks about her coming trip to Oklahoma for The Mid-South (formerly Land Run), and a quote from her boss, Bill Strickland, about suffering.

Patrick admits that what passes for winter in Northern California has exited stage left and spring jumped straight to the bit with wildflowers. He talks about the sights and smells of spring and how that experience enriches his life as a cyclist.



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  1. Anthony

    Oregon and Washington have passed bills to switch to Daylight savings time year round. They are waiting on California to pass the same bill before they petition Congress to put it into affect. Any state can elect to not participate in Daylight savings time. But it will take the approval of congress to switch to Daylight savings time year round. I am from Oregon and all for ditching the switch.

  2. James Rawstron

    Hi Patrick, Selene – I am catching up on my VeloNews reading and there is an article about the Iron Cross in the March/April edition. Selene is a 4x winner of this gnarly event. Would you consider unpacking the Iron Cross event in an upcoming podcast? Stay healthy and sane.

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