Paceline Podcast 182

Paceline Podcast 182

This week Selene looks back at the career of sports physician Andy Pruitt and his work with Specialized and his leadership in bicycle fit. Pruitt is retiring from his work with Specialized, and he has been a steady source of wisdom and insight for Selene over two decades.

Patrick takes a look at Christmas. He gives a little thought to what he’d like for Christmas, but more to what he’d like to give. And unlike wind chimes, it may not be all that expensive to give to most everyone in his life.



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  1. Sean

    As always, thanks for producing such a great show. I had to laugh when the discussion turned to the infamous Bicycling magazine about the impact of cycling on men’s “plumbing.” I was in college when that issue came out. Now, as a much older man, I would love to learn what the latest science has to say about those issues. I am particularly curious if there is any connection between cycling and prostate issues. I would also like to hear more about the utility of bicycle saddles with cut-outs – do they actually make a difference or are the benefits of cut-outs pretty minimal?

    1. Author

      There really is significant data showing that saddle cutouts help to reduce pressure on blood vessels and nerves that run through the perineum. Numbness in one’s nether regions is a negative, full stop, so keeping the blood flowing to those vessels is pretty important.

  2. Jason B

    Hi there, so I bit the bullet and bought a set of power meter pedals for training going into the new year (it made sense given how many bikes I have). What do you consider the best resource for interpreting and using the (massive) data I gather to further my fitness? I have already signed up to Trainer road.

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