The Paceline Podcast 174

The Paceline Podcast 174

After a week off due to a power outage in Northern California, the show is back. Last weekend unPAved, the event Selene’s husband Dave promotes, took place and Selene rode it but did not race it. She explains why and it was the best way to do the race, at least, if you aren’t Ted King, who slayed all.

Selene managed to convince her friend on the Chaise with her not to quit.

The weekend before Patrick rode Levi’s GranFondo, the annual showcase of road riding in Sonoma County. As well-done as the event has been, Patrick says that the organizer, Bike Monkey, has continued to tweak the event, improving it each year. This year a charity that benefitted from the event’s charitable foundation was recognized at the start.




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Show links:


B•Rad Foundation

King Ridge Foundation

Levi’s GranFondo

Panaracer Race A EVO4 Tubeless

Open WI.DE.

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  1. Mark Batz

    Cyclemeter is a great app to use to record your ride with data that you can upload to Strava.

    I use it solely as my cycling computer.

  2. Keith Kenworthy

    I missed you at the Grasshopper Usal Lost Coast adventure last weekend Patrick. It’s a really special weekend.

    Regarding the Strava issue, my assumption would be that very few people are connecting their heart rate monitors or power meters to their phone. I would think most use a Garmin or Wahoo head unit if they use those devices.

  3. David Savage

    Thanks for the plug for Selene’s book. I have a good friend who just won an entry to the Rift gravel race in Iceland and will be doing that next year. Her birthday is coming up and now I know exactly what to get her.

  4. Matthew

    Hi Selene. Thanks for talking about unpaved. I dragged my wife with me to Lewisburg so I could define my success by completing the 90 mile ride this year. we drove 1100 miles for me to ride 90. Shrug. Nothing like know my time for 90 was about the same as Ted King’s for 120!!!

    Thanks for the advice on the tires here in the comments. Tires and bike did great for the entire. I am not a racer but rode hard but also enjoyed my times by the fires and hanging out in the rest stop some. Great event and beautiful if cold weather.

    1. Selene Yeager

      That’s excellent! Did your wife enjoy her time as well? It’s such a cute town. And I’m glad the tire recommendations worked out! I think it was a little chillier than any of us would have preferred, but the hot drinks and fire pits at the aid stations were a treat!

    2. Matthew

      Yes I think she did. A little peace and quiet at our Airbnb and then some time in town. Stoped in one of the few shops open and in town and had a good conversation with the teenage girl in the shop. I jokingly refer to her best friend in Lewisburg.

      I said hey to you at the finish thanking you for recommending but you had just finished and seemed to look at me crazy. Good ride.

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