Paceline Podcast 175

Paceline Podcast 175

This week Selene discusses her experience with Iron Cross, the gravel/cyclocross/insanity event that takes place in Central Pennsylvania. This is her tenth anniversary of doing the race and she has won it four times previously. The event is so challenging the word “ludicrous” comes up, possibly more than once. Conditions that day were not the best and Selene said she wanted to just roll over and stay in bed. However, she said she was going to ride in honor of our friend Andrew Bernstein who was hit by a speeding driver in a van in Boulder. She kept him close for a hard day.

The Outride Foundation is a nonprofit that Specialized started to help study and quantify the value and benefits of cycling on focus and health. Patrick visited them yesterday along with his friend Jeremiah Kahmoson and three of Jeremiah’s students. While the kids rode the pump track behind one of Specialized’s buildings, Patrick learned more about the work that Outride is doing nationally, not just for one school local to him.



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Outride Foundation

Iron Cross

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  1. TomInAlbany

    “… the challenging stuff that gets into your head. We’ve all been there…”

    And this is why this is the BEST podcast, Selene and Patrick. You share your humanity with us. It doesn’t get more beautiful than that.

  2. Justin Short

    I just discovered the Paceline a couple weeks ago, and got a really grownup conversation about depression right out of the gate. You guys really get me through: I laugh, I cry pretty much every episode. I just ordered the baby alpaca socks to get me through the icy bike winter commute.
    (Sargent Icy Bike is in the works)

    Thanks for doing what you do, your dialogue is incredibly engaging. I hope we get to turn pedals soon!

    Justin Short

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