The Paceline Podcast 171

The Paceline Podcast 171

This week Selene takes on a reader question about how exercise affects alcohol and how alcohol affects hydration. It turns out that this is a more complicated interaction than most folks understand. Alcohol affects how your body deals with lactate, your ability to ride hard after having a few beers or drinks and even how your body recovers. Of course, it’s possible to minimize the negative effects of having a few post-ride beverages and Selene explains just what to do.

Patrick takes on a reader question as well, this week. Is it okay to use a gravel bike when racing cyclocross? It seems a natural question; you’ve got big tires and lower gears, two of the things you need for racing ‘cross. But what about the differences in design? Patrick breaks down the strengths of each bike and whether or not having a gravel bike will get you through a full season of ‘cross.



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Selene’s article on how alcohol affects your body

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Action image: Jorge “Koky” Flores, JustPedal

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  1. Neil M Winkelmann

    It takes me a while after a hard ride to really want a beer. I might think I do, but once I’ve had half a drink, I am really not into it. I switch to water, then back to beer later (maybe much later). I think what my body is telling me is in accordance with your discussion and advice.

  2. Richard Robinson

    I love this podcast. Question for Selene. I’ve just had surgery on my ear that removed the vestibular nerve. Do you have any suggestions for exercises to get my balance back so I can ride?

  3. John Bishop

    Padraig, You said you loved the Allied All Road as an all-rounder including for gravel. Have you tried the Allied Able? What do you think about comparing the two and which do you think you would ultimately get if you were to add one to your posse and why?

    1. Author

      I haven’t had a chance to ride the Able, but I sure would like to. Of the two bikes, on paper anyway, I’d be likely to go with the Able because it has more tire clearance. There are more great tire choices at 40mm than there are at 38mm. Those folks in Bentonville are doing good work.

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