Paceline Podcast 170

Paceline Podcast 170

We’ve gone from “‘cross is coming,” to “‘cross is here.” In a fair number of locations around the country, the season’s first cyclocross races were held last weekend. Selene is excited for her local series to start. Are you ready?

With fall right around the corner, or more unofficially, it’s already here, this is a great time to consider your next bike purchase. Why? Patrick explains that bike companies and bike shops want the remaining bikes from this year’s stock sold so that they aren’t competing against themselves with the arrival of the 2020 bikes. This is a great time to buy a new bike at a great price.



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  1. Andrew Loscutoff

    Hey Patrick. On the next show I would love to hear your opinion on the pros and cons of using a gravel bike for cross… I think it would be helpful to a lot of listeners.

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