Paceline Podcast 167

Paceline Podcast 167

This week Selene takes on another reader question, this time about keto diets and their value, as well as their downsides. She also shares her experience teaching teen girls mountain biking skills for the upcoming NICA race season.

Patrick talks bodywork and what a difference physical therapy and massage have made in his upper body and his ability to ride without pain.



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The American Red Cross

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  1. David

    Great discussion on Keto, and I think Michael Pollan said it best when he simplified diet advice down to “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

  2. Dan Keeler

    Patrick talks about how he would like to attend yoga classes, but the cost is prohibitive. I recommend yoga DVDs or online workouts. If you can make space in your residence in range of a TV with DVD player or streaming, there is no need to spend the time and money for classes. There are some really good yoga and other workouts on DVD. One I like is Tara Lee. She structures a DVD into three progressively more strenuous 20 minute sessions that can either done in sequence (a single play) or individually. Another I like is Rodney Yee. His routines are pretty advanced and many are not right for me. But some work for me (Yoga Burn). Patrick also talks about working out off of the bike. DVD workouts again. Mark Lauren’s workouts use nothing but your own body weight and require no more space than you would use in yoga. I really like his focus on posture during exercises. He isn’t about doing a certain number of repetitions. Rather, he focuses on maintaining correct form through his movements. And his cool down stretching post-workout are ripped straight from yoga. At 59 years old, I find it very important to work on strength, posture, and flexibility off of the bike. But I don’t have time to go to the gym only to pay for some class that isn’t doing what I want to do anyway. And, I do need to follow some form of guidance and instruction. Customize your off-bike workout to your needs and save time with a home gym built around nothing more than a TV and a mat.

  3. Nathan

    For those in the UK, St John Ambulance have a couple of apps that do more or less the same thing as the American Red Cross one Selene mentioned – a general one, and one specifically for cyclists (e.g. “Use a belt, shoelaces, clothing, or inner tube as a sling”!). No tornado advice, but geographically-appropriate spelling. Fortunately I’ve not had the opportunity to test them in the field yet, but they look useful!

  4. Jennifer Duby

    Love this podcast, great episode. Selene, could you clarify something you said re fasted training and fat adaptation, aka coffee rides? Wondering about this advice as it applies to women specifically, since Stacy Sims advises against fasted training for women. Is there some wiggle room here, or some detail I’m not understanding? Thanks so much.

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